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Udder health, milk quality and milking machine workshop

Improve your Milk quality

Udder health, Milk quality and Milking machine workshop, also available on the Dairy site


  • Introduction to Udder health anatomy and physiology.
  • Udder pathogens and health.
  • Milking machine studying.
  • Milking parlor maintenance.
  • Hygienic milking routines.
  • Risk factors evaluation in the milking parlor.
  • Creating a database and analysis of results and setting professional objectives.

Who should attend the course:

If you want to improve your milk quality this is the place for you. Good for dairy experts, dairy farm managers, milking teams, dairy veterinarians and parlor maintenance teams.

The Seminar includes:

 Theoretical training 

  • Udder anatomy and physiology, Udder health testing and correct drying off procedures, Hygienic milking routine, Milking parlor technology, operation and maintenance.

On-Farm training:

  • Evaluation of existing milking routines and procedures. Follow up advice on required changes or upgrades. Aim for improvement and implementation of best practice hygienic milk production
  • Evaluation of mastitis detection, follow up actions, troubleshooting and cell count control. CMT testing.
  • Correct drying off procedures
  • Milking machines performance and condition evaluation including ancillary equipment, (bulk milk tanks, washing systems, vacuum pumps etc.), detergents, materials and consumables.
    Follow up advice on required calibrations, adjustments, fine-tuning and upgrades/changes
  • Evaluation of milking parlors’ herd/production programs/software and advice on effective utilization for the best control and on-time problem detection
  • Establishment of milk quality support programs. Parlor maintenance (liner changes, manual regulators etc.) routine and troubleshooting.

Udder Health parlor maintenance

Duration: Depending on designated assignments.

Testing:  According to the company’s directives, staff can be tested on acquired knowledge for a proficiency certificate.

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