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Tourism during the seminar

Enjoy your seminar with visit to famous tourists attractions in Israel

Enjoy your seminar with visit to famous tourists attractions in Israel

The Dairy School gives participants several wonderful Israeli experiences:

You will have a chance to participate in seminars with the most sought-after experts in the Israeli dairy industry, visit local farms, and obtain first-hand knowledge of the computer systems that insure the Israeli dairy industry’s success. In addition to the high-quality seminar you will be attending, you will also have the opportunity to visit religious holy sites that can only be experienced on a trip to Israel. Just like our seminars, the tourism portion of the Israeli Dairy School is completely customizable; tell us where you’d like to visit and we can also recommend some great places for you.


Visit most popular sites:

  • The Dead Sea tour
  • The new and old cities of Jerusalem
  • A visit to the Annunciation Church in Nazareth
  • Mary’s well in Nazareth
  • The Jordan River and Sea of Galilee
  • Tel Aviv including sightseeing in Old Jaffa, a picturesque fortified town on Tel Aviv’s coastline

Make the most of your stay!

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