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Top Universities for Dairy Sciences Study

Global Top Dairy Science Universities

Many top dairy farmers learn their trade through knowledge passed down within their families. Today, there are top universities around the world offering excellent Dairy Sciences and dairy management programs. The program is suitable either for current dairy farmers looking to develop cutting-edge skills or for people new to the dairy industry.

These programs excel at training top farmers, farm tech developers, and leaders in the agriculture industry. We’ve identified the top dairy programs worldwide to help build an educated global dairy community. Some of them are broader agriculture programs, while others are specific training in dairy; all would provide an excellent education to someone looking to excel in dairy management.

Dairy study in the USA

Cornell University, located in central New York state, is not only one of the top American universities (an Ivy League university); it has one of the best agricultural programs in the world. They offer undergraduate majors in Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences, plus a minor in Agribusiness Management. They also offer graduate study in Animal Science. All of these programs are part of Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which is well known for producing dairy farmers. You can even join the Cornell University Dairy Sciences Club or CUDS.

The University Of Wisconsin–Madison offers Dairy Science, B.S. with Dairy Science primary and practical training.


Top Universities for Dairy Sciences Study around the world

Dairy Study in Germany

There are two excellent universities for studying agriculture in Germany. The University of Bonn offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Agricultural Science. The program focuses on the big-picture examination of agroecosystems, including interdisciplinary work in engineering, economics, natural sciences, and social science. The Free University of Berlin has an excellent Veterinary Medicine program, including a clinic specializing in ruminants and swine. The university is also participating in a government-funded study examining dairy cattle health in Germany.

Dairy Study in Italy

The University of Udine in Italy has an excellent department of agri-food, environmental, and animal sciences. They have various programs, including a 3-year degree in breeding and animal health, that will be of particular interest to dairy farmers. They also offer a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science and Biotechnology.

Dairy Study in Israel

Students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem can pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Animal Sciences. The university has excellent connections to the agriculture industry in Israel and produces students who become veterinarians, academic researchers, government employees, biotech researchers, and farmers.

The Israeli Dairy School offers short practical herd management courses to Dairy professionals.

These seminars combine Dairy Sciences and dairy farm visits.


dairy sciences study

Dairy Study in the UK

At the University of Nottingham in the UK, students will find a dedicated Centre for Dairy Science Innovation. This center is focused on the latest technology in the dairy industry and conducts research into feed efficiency, antimicrobial resistance, mastitis control, wearable technology, feed efficiency, and more.

Dairy study in India

In India, students can study at the National Dairy Research Institute; Karnak is a premier institute for dairy herd nutrition.

Also at the  National Dairy Research Institute. This institute has advanced laboratory facilities and has developed a reputation for research innovation, particularly for new feed formulas and disease treatment. The institute offers masters and Ph.D. degrees in Animal Nutrition.

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