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The Lowest Dairy in the World

The Lowest Dairy in the world is located along the Dead Sea

Dis you know? The Lowest World Dairy Farm is the the dairy in Kibbutz Kalia, on the northern shore of the Dead Sea. The Dairy farm is 423 meters below sea level! It has many implications. The climate in Kalia dairy is one of the most extremely difficult in Israel. The summer temperatures there are 47 C in the shade and can reach 51 OC (not in the shade).

World Lowest Dairy

In order to adjust to this heat, the Kalia dairy started to use cooling systems and unique nutrition for cows in the summer time. The cows are Holstein type cows and the average numbers: 240 milking cows, 280 calves, 150 calves for fattening.

The Kalia dairy sells the milk to Tnuva and produces the average of 11,500 liters of milk per cow a year!

The dairy takes care of the ecology and the environmental quality, therefore, making an effort to use as less antibiotics as possible and advocate in a recycling of water.

Interesting data:

  1. The average % of fat in the milk is 3.8%
  2. The average % of protein in the milk is 3.45%

It’s possible to visit the farm during Dairy School seminar


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