The Israeli Dairy School Summer Seminar 24-28 June 2018

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The Israeli Dairy School Summer Dairy Herd Management

learn from the Israeli Dairy Industry success 

Seminar Seminar 24-28 June 2018

Improve your Dairy Herd Management Skeels

Israel’s dairy industry is known for its cutting-edge technology, effective climate management, and high milk yields. Our seminar series is designed to teach dairy industry members from all over the world about Israel’s unique techniques and take advances in knowledge back to your own farms. The seminars feature interactive, hands-on training in addition to lectures on recent developments from experts in the field.

Seminar participants learn about the latest technological innovations; how to apply technology to improve milk production, breeding, and health; herd management; dairy product marketing, and more. You’ll also visit different kinds of Israeli dairy farms so you can see these techniques in action. Our seminar’s goal is to provide you with new knowledge and technical skills you can apply within your own industry.

Dairy Farming Seminar Key Topics:

The seminar is customized to include the latest developments in technology and to meet the needs of our participants. Our Summer Dairy Management Seminar will emphasize the Dairy Nutrition side Seminar topics include:

    • Dairy Nutrition in high yield dairy farms, the best feeding for your herd
    • Management strategies for high production
    • The latest farm management technologies and how to implement them
    • Feeding and nutrition management tools
    • Pedometer tracking for improved breeding
    • Calf and heifer health
    • Climate management and heat mitigation
    • Disease prevention and treatment
    • Financial planning for optimize your dairy farms profits


Dairy Farm Visits

We provide opportunities to learn on the farm, not just in a classroom. We feature a variety of Israel’s unique dairy industry locations, during the seminar you will visit:

  • A regional feed center that serve 4500 caws a day
  • A family-run farm with 40-50 cows
  • A dairy cooperative (Kibbutz) with 300-400 cows
  • An Israeli software manufacturer specializing in farm management

Attractions in Israel

We know that many of our seminar members will also want to visit some of Israel’s famous tourist attractions and religious sites. Therefore, we offer the option to arrange tours of Israel’s best-known sites in the weekend following the seminar.

  • Nazareth you will visit during the seminar
  • Sea of Galilee you will visit during the seminar
  • Jerusalem optional
  • The Dead Sea optional

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