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The Hot Issue of Cooling the Dairy Farm

Join us for Dairy Herd management Seminar with emphasis on Heat Stress

The Hot Issue of Cooling the Dairy Farm

Join us for Dairy Herd management Seminar with emphasis on Heat Stress Management and Cooling the Dairy Farm

This summer was the hottest summer on record. For Israeli dairy farms, this temperature increase can pose a significant challenge, and Cooling the Dairy Farm is an essential factor. The average climbing temperatures brought about by climate change can cause heat stress to domestic ruminants and significantly decrease milk production. The extent to which this affects Israeli dairy farms will largely depend on the type of animal. Goats are the most adaptable domestic ruminants and are therefore the least susceptible to decreased dairy production from increased temperatures. Cows, on the other hand, are highly susceptible. A recent study on milk production in the United States predicted that by the end of the 21st century, milk production per cow will decrease by 6.3%.[1] Dairy farms in Israel can expect to see similar changes.

Israeli Dairy farm in the summer

Maintain high-yield production under hot climate

Because of these climate changes, it is becoming increasingly important to learn dairy farm management techniques that maintain high-yield production under hot climate and heat stress conditions.  There are a number of effective methods Israeli dairy farmers can use to reduce heat stress on livestock. One of the most cost-effective is the proper planning of shade structures. In extreme heat, dairy farmers may also want to invest in cooling systems such as fans, water sprinklers, and ventilation systems. These methods, however, come with costs. Cooling systems produce energy costs and may also affect the livestock’s feeding habits. It is important to take these costs into consideration when deciding on the best cooling methods for your farm.

Cooling the Dairy Farm

At the Israeli Dairy School, we offer dairy training in how to mitigate heat stress. Our training will help you to design a heat mitigation system that will keep your dairy production high while minimizing costs. An optimized system will take into consideration the size and statistics of your livestock herd, your farm layout, type of building structures, natural resources available, and past dairy production. With expert training from the Israeli Dairy School, you’ll be able to manage high summer temperatures to keep your production high with minimized extra costs.

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[1] Yoram Bauman, Eric Salathé Jr., Guillaume Mauger, and Tamilee Nennich, “Impacts of Climate Change on Milk Production in the United States.”

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