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Sustainable Dairy Farming the Israeli way

For Profitable Indian Dairy farm

Sustainable Dairy Farming in Israel for profitable Indian dairy farm

Sustainable Dairy Farming is an important factor in the dairy industry’s success. India and Israel gained their independence from the British around the same time. Today Both Nations have their glory.

India today has about 520 Million cattle in the dairy sector while Israel has only 100,000 cows, so the question is what do we do in Israel that gives our Dairy herd the title of the “highest milk production in the world”?

During my lecture, I explain the methodology we use in Israel nowadays for successful dairy farming and the parts that might be suitable to implement in India for better Farming.

This is interesting cooperation between India, the world’s top producer of milk, and Israel, the world’s top producer of milk per cow.

Very interesting point: India will produce four times more milk if it has the productivity of Israel’s herd.

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The slide below contains a link to the presentation

It was given at the Dairy Industry Expo in Pune on the 11th of October.

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