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Silage trailer what is recommended for me?

Silage trailer, what is recommended for me?

Which silage trailer would you recommend for me? This is a question we hear from dairy farmers around the world. A good, reliable one can serve the farm for many years.

What is a good silage trailer?

Silage trailers are agricultural trailers used to transport silage, a form of green forage which is chopped and stored in a way that preserves its nutritional value. Typically, silage trailers are large, capable of carrying several tons, and designed to be pulled by tractors. They have a sturdy, reinforced structure and may be equipped with features such as a hydraulic door or a tarp cover to protect the silage from the elements during transport. Silage trailers are an essential tool for farmers and ranchers who need to transport feed for their livestock efficiently.


Defined your need

It’s important to think about a few key factors when choosing your silage trailer. Consider your operation’s size and how much silage you will transport first. A larger operation will likely require a bigger trailer with a higher capacity. Next, consider the type of terrain you’ll be driving on. If you have hilly or rough terrain, you’ll need a trailer with robust suspension and sturdy construction. It’s also important to think about the type of tractor or vehicle you’ll be pulling the trailer with. Make sure the trailer is compatible with your equipment and can handle the weight and power of your vehicle. Lastly, consider any additional features you may need, such as specialized loading equipment or weatherproofing. By considering these factors, you can find a suitable silage trailer for your needs.

Set up your budget

Setting up a budget for your trailer is crucial to ensure you have the necessary funds to purchase and maintain the equipment. Determine how much you can afford to spend on the trailer, including any financing options. Consider the cost of fuel, repairs, and other expenses that may arise. It’s also important to research different brands and models to find the best fit for your needs and budget. By setting a budget and doing your research, you can ensure you have the right silage trailer for your operation.

Important points:

  1.  Capacity: The capacity of the silage trailer should be appropriate for your needs, taking into account the size of your farm and the amount of silage you will be transporting.
  2. Durability: Silage trailers are subjected to harsh conditions, so it is important to choose a trailer that is built to last and can withstand rough terrain and heavy loads.
  3. Ease of use: Look for a silage trailer that is easy to load, unload, and operate, with features like a hydraulic lift and smooth-rolling wheels.
  4.  Compatibility: Make sure the silage trailer is compatible with your tractors and other equipment, and consider purchasing from a manufacturer that offers a full line of compatible equipment.
  5.  Maintenance: Consider the maintenance requirements of the silage trailer, including the availability of spare parts and the cost of regular servicing. A trailer that is easy to maintain will save you time and money in the long run.

Sample of local manufacturers

USA: Red Rock Machinery

Germany: TEBBE


Turkey: Stanmak Makina Turkey

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