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Find answers for main questions about Israeli Dairy School Seminars and activities

On this page, you can find answers to the main questions about Israeli Dairy School Seminars and activities

How long is the Dairy School seminar?

Israeli Dairy School standard seminar is usually for five days. We can adjust the length from three to ten days according to group requests.

Who is qualified for attending the Dairy School seminars?

Our dairy seminars designed for dairy experts, dairy farmers, dairy nutritionists and vets. We also have seminars for sheep and goats farmers and experts. If you have experience in the dairy industry or like to learn about it, you are welcome to attend the seminar.

Is the seminar also suitable for groups?

Yes, we have a special program for groups. If you have more than 3 people, we can arrange a seminar program for your group.

Who are the lecturers in the Israeli Dairy School?

Israeli Dairy School team includes the most sought-after experts in the Israeli dairy farming industry. Our team share experience in a variety of dairy fields, each member of our dairy farm training team has years of proven experience.

What does the seminar include?

Israeli Dairy School seminar includes lectures, farm visit, transport, accommodation, food (three meals a day) and sightseeing tours.

Dairy Herd Management Seminar in Israel

Does food include the cost of the seminar?

Yes, we supply 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the entire stay.

Which style of accommodation is available during the seminar?

Our standard accommodation is country-style, Kibbutz hotels. Other accommodation possibilities are available according to the group budget.

Will I have my own room?

Our standard accommodation is for two people in one room. A single room is available for an additional cost.

How much I have to pay for the seminar?

The cost of the seminar is according to group size and needs. From time to time, we have seminars for individuals, and we publish the cost.

Do you issue the visa for an individual?

As an individual, you will have to issue your own visa; we will send you an invitation letter to the seminar, which will help to issue the visa.

What about a group visa?

For a group of 10 people and more, we supply the visa services for an extra cost. The Israeli Ministry of Interior does the visa approval procedure according to their criteria.

Can Israeli Dairy School assist me in building my new dairy farm?

Yes, our professional team can assist you with the pre-feasibility study, farm layout and design, business plan and construction of the milking center.

I want to upgrade my dairy farm. Can you assist?

Yes, we can do the process of upgrading your dairy farm.

I have a problem with my farm, can you advise me on how to solve the problem?

Telephone or Skype advisory services are available. We will assign one of our experts to give you the best advice. Please contact us for our advisory rates.

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