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Goat Farming and Sheep Farming Seminar

Learn about modern Milking

Learn about modern Goat Farming management practices and sheep farming management.

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Join us for our next Goat Farming and sheep farming management seminar hold by Israel Goat and Israel Sheep experts

Since the beginning of history sheep farming and goat farming has been done in the traditional way. Moving to modern sheep farming and goat farming involved professional know how. Commercial production of goat and sheep milk relies on proper decision-making processes, including the usual routine husbandry, nutrition, reproduction, group location, culling and drying.  Our seminar includes sheep and goat care and principles of herd management.

Our seminar will introduce you to the Goat and Sheep sector in Israel. You will learn about intensive and semi-intensive Goat farming and sheep farming and how to improve your herd. You will gain management tools for managing your herd, nutrition management and more.

While staying in Israel, you will also have the opportunity for a lifetime to experience the rich Israeli culture and the ancient cities of the Holy Land, on sightseeing tours led by a professional guide.


We have 2 types of seminars:

A. Seminars for groups
Sheep and goats farm management seminar- for organizations and companies:

Our tailor-made seminar is designed for groups of five people and more.
If you can arrange a small group of your colleagues and friends, we can organize a private seminar for you, according to the group preference of subjects, suitable time of visit and duration of the seminar.
Seminar duration is between 3- 5 days. Shorter or longer seminars are also available.
The program is built especially for sheep and goats professionals and farmers.

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B. Sheep and goats farm management seminar- for individuals

The program is built especially for sheep and goats professionals and farmers.
This seminar is just once a year in June; attached is our seminar flyer.

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Main goats and sheep seminar topics:

  • Introduction to the Sheep and Goat industry in Israel.
  • Intensive and semi-intensive Goat farming and Sheep farming.
  • Goat farming and Sheep farming Nutrition: What you should do according to specific production status.
  • Nutrition management of sheep and goat nutrition in Israel.
  • Management tools for milking sheep and goats farms.
  • Physiology and reproduction in small ruminants.
  • Introduction to small ruminants herds management available software.
  • Lambs’ rearing, the various options and the best option for you.
  • Small Ruminants herd health-what you should do to keep your herd healthy.
  • How to select and improve your small ruminants herd.
  • Planning and improving your sheep or goat farm: the main points you should consider for improving.

Study Tours:

  • Visit Israel sheep Assaf Farm (1300 sheep), during milking time.
  • Tour an Israel goat farm (500 goats) with cheese factory facilities.
  • Tour a small family Israeli Sheep farm (150 sheep) with a cheese-making facility.
  • Visit a family Israeli Goat farm with 200 goats and 700 sheep.
  • Nutrition and Milking – visit feed centers for sheep and Goats.

Sightseeing tours with a professional tour guide:

  • The Annunciation Church in Nazareth.
  • Kfar Nahum (Capernaum) National Park, Sea of Galilee.

For group seminar registration, please fill this form click here.
To register for the seminar, click here.

For Seminar flyer and information, Click Here.


We will be happy to see you in one of our seminars now available for groups and individuals.

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