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Milk processing training – add value to your

Dairy products

Milk processing training added value to your dairy milk and cheese products production. 

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Competition in the dairy industry is high, and a high-quality product is a crucial success factor in winning a market share. Milk processing training is critical to getting good final products. Israel is famous for its excellent variety of cheese, yoghurt and other milk products. Cheese has become a significant part of the Israeli diet, and dairy products from cows milk, sheep, and goat milk are top-rated. Dairy products are widespread in the daily menu of most Israelis.

At our Dairy processing and cheese Making seminar, we will share with you prominent cheese-making main principles and practical work.

Main seminar topics:

  • Introduction to Milk Processing Technologies
  • Principles of liquid milk processing (milk pasteurization and milk homogenization)
  • Principles of successful Yogurt manufacturing.
  • Soft white cheese is also known as Quark or Quarg.
  • Famous Israeli cottage cheese.
  • Probiotic products.
  • Pasteurized milk.
  • Introduction to Icecream manufacturing includes ice cream recipe formulation.
  • Dairy products packaging, which is the best for your needs.
  • Cheese making Automation.
  • Laboratory control and daily care of the dairy plant.
  • Improve product quality, troubleshooting problems in the cheese-making industry.
  • Practical session in a dairy processing facility.
  • How to add value to your dairy products.

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