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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Spanish English and Hebrew speaking, Haifa Israel

Savannah of Bogotá, reproductive control in dairy herds, along with assistance to complicated deliveries and management of livestock software.

Livestock in the savanna of Bogotá and CORPOICA in the city of Villavicencio – Meta. Treatments, management of nutrition in bovines, surgeries of desorne, deviation of penis in steers. Evaluation of cattle suitable for breeding, mastitis test (CMT), vaccination and reproductive control in dairy herds.

Alto del Vino- Cundinamarca Performing ultrasounds and, determination of pregnancy in mares

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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Assistant Farm Manager

Having extensive experience in dairy farm management and treatment of small & large animals with
command in construction and structural management of modern dairy farming practices

• Care and management of pregnant dry cows
• Pregnancy diagnosis of dairy cattle
• Feeding management of dairy animals
• Selection of young heifers for breeding and their management
• Management of fresh cows in herd
• Training of young vets about calving
• Calves management and treatment
• AI in Friesian cows
• Whole management of dairy farm
• Care and daily feeding of animals
• General supervision of silage making operation
• Management of cows and calves feeding

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Experienced Goats Farm Manager looking for Goat Farm Management Job

Develop and manage the first dairy goat farm in the Middle East; responsible for all phases of the farm
design and operations.
• Provided construction oversight of the barns, storage building and production facilities
• Sourced over 350 goats from more than thirty farmers across the United States for export to Bahrain
• Interviewed, hired and trained farm employees, including farm supervisor, farm/barn helpers and
production manager
• Worked with outside contractors to design and install milking machines, cheese-making equipment,
production apparatus and packaging equipment.

Owner & Organic Goat Farmer
Responsible for daily operations of an organic farm of over 100 dairy goats –
• Produced milk, yogurt, fresh, soft and hard cheeses
• Operated and managed organic farm shop in Innsbruck, Austria
• Marketed farm products at food exhibitions in Middle East and Asia
• Exported goat cheese and meat to Middle East

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looking for Farm/Herd Manager work

Proven track record of experience of two decades in Dairy farming with special skills in Dairy Herd & amp;Farm Management, Feed Management, Calf Rearing and Management, knowledge in Animal diseases, their diagnosis and treatment, animal handling, movement, machine operation, feed pushing and Surgery-LDA/RDA/C.S. Biosecurity of the Farm. Mastitis prevention & treatment.
Initiated and written Animal Health Manualreg. Herd Health, ISO Protocols.

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Graduated in 2013. at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine looking for farm work

I ‘ve graduated in 2013. at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Since then I am working in animal feed additives distributor company. Considering that I have no experience as farm veterinarian, I am willing to do any kind of job on dairy farm in aim of better understanding of animal breeding and food production technology.

I am especially interested in animal nutrition and reproduction.

Proven track record of experience of two decades in Dairy farming with special skills in Dairy Herd &Farm Management,Feed Management.,Calf Rearing and Management,knowledge in Animal diseases,their diagnosis and treatment,animal handling,movement,machine operation,feed pushing and Surgery-LDA/RDA/C.S.Biosecurity of the Farm.Mastitis prevention&treatment.
Initiated and written Animal Health Manualreg. Herd Health, ISO Protocols.

Mexican Veterinarian with experience working as Dairy Herd Manager and Technical support of Large Dairy Herds situated in México.

I have been working as manager in a Dairy Farm of 6000 total units with 3300 cows in milk. My duties were planning the business with my Boss and with the Staff Team, checking the benchmark and detailed indicators and see how the dairy performance was. Also I organized people, equipment and facilities, and I tried to keep all position filled with people trained to do their job, monitoring all areas of the Dairy and taking corrective actions if it was necessary. As Veterinary I have strong dairy reproduction, pregnancy check and artificial insemination knowledge, as well as experience in calving area, fresh cow, sick cow treatment and cow comfort and parlor management. I have over 10 years of experience training and managing dairy employees,and skilled in Dairy Computer programs and Microsoft Products too. I am Bilingual (fluent in both Spanish and English).

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