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5-days Dairy Herd Managment seminar

Dairy Herd Management Seminar in Israel

The Israeli dairy industry is famous worldwide for its high productivity. Our 5-days Herd Management Seminar is a hands-on experience to see the farm management techniques that make Israeli dairy so successful and take those techniques back to your own farms. Each seminar builds on our experts’ years of experience within the dairy industry and incorporates the latest technological developments and management techniques.

Our summer seminar will take place in Israel during the last week of June every year. The seminar contains a mix of management instruction and hands-on learning and successful dairy farms around Israel. Seminar topics include nutrition management, feeding principles, efficient heat and humidity management techniques, fertility maximization, milk quality, calf raising, and disease prevention.

In addition, we will conduct a variety of dairy farm tours to see different management techniques at work. This summer, we’ll conduct interactive tours of a small family farm with 40-50 milking cows, a Kibbutz dairy cooperative with 300-400 cows, a software manufacturer that makes farm management tools, and a cow feed center and mill. These tours are excellent opportunities to see the latest techniques at work on different scales and to ask any questions you may have of experts who have a demonstrated record of success.

Seminar consist of a highly international group

Our seminars usually consist of a highly international group, and we know you’ll want to spend some time exploring Israel as well as the country’s dairy farms? In addition to the 5-day seminar, we offer optional organized tours to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. We hope you’ll take back memories of Israel’s rich history as well as advanced knowledge of Israeli dairy farm techniques.

Over the years, the Israeli Dairy School has hosted dairy experts from Australia, Belarus, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, United Kingdom, and Turkey. We’re excited to bring the latest dairy techniques to farmers all around the world and can’t wait to host new people in our seminars.

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