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Free E-book Dairy Herd Nutrition Management

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E-book: “Dairy Herd Nutrition Management”

Fill the form and get this 110 pages E-book free of charge

Dairy Herd Nutrition Management is one of the most important elements of milk production. Not only do feed costs for the herd represent 50%-60% of the total expense associated with the production of milk, but the type of nutrition offered has a profound effect on the production, profitability, and overall health of the dairy cow.

Dr. Ofer Kroll, a Senior Dairy Nutritionist, was our consultant. He holds his PhD from the University College of North Wales Bangor, the UK where he completed his thesis on “Feeding Strategy of the Dairy Herd”. He has served as a senior nutritionist in the Israel Cattle Breeders Association & Veterinary Services and worked as a senior nutritionist for the largest Israeli feed meal center from 2007-2009. He has also gained international experience as a practising dairy adviser in many countries. Dr. Ofer Kroll also lectured on “cattle nutrition” at the veterinary school of the Hebrew University.
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