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Forage Management: Maximizing forage quality. Excellence in preservation.

Phill Kaatz, Michigan state university extension

During the seminar we hold for American deary farmers in Israel we hold this important lecture. We are sharing it now.

Forage Quality Lecture at the Israeli Dairy School seminar to American dairy farmers in Israel January 2020, Phil Kaatz, Forage & Field Crops Educator Michigan State University Extension

Slides are on >>press here
High producing dairy herds in any country of the world rely on forages as the backbone of the ration. Proper forage quality is essential for a well-managed dairy farm. Whether it is the high producing mature cow or the very young growing heifer, managing forage bottlenecks will ultimately lead to greater production efficiency. The challenge for every producer is to improve aspects of the forage program by improving efficiency annually by one to two percent, in some aspect of their operation, thereby increasing profitability.

In the United States, corn silage and alfalfa are the two primary forages used in the dairy industry. Growing the crop, harvesting the crop, and storing the crop are the three primary areas this presentation will have as the focus.

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