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Dairy Herd Nutrition Seminar

Dairy herd management with emphasis on Dairy Nutrition

Dairy Herd Nutrition seminar

Best for Dairy Nutritionists and Dairy Feed Companies

Proper dairy cattle nutrition is one of the most important elements of milk production. Not only do feed costs for the herd represent 50%-60% of the total expense associated with the production of milk, but the type of nutrition offered has a profound effect on the production, profitability, and overall health of the dairy cow.

Israeli Dairy Herd Nutrition seminarIn collaboration with the most professional experts in this field, the Israeli Dairy School Dairy Herd Nutrition Seminar covers various aspects of dairy cow nutrition, feeding, and dairy feeding management to dramatically increase milk production, health and fertility for both lactating and dry cows.

Your seminar will include both lectures and visits to feedlots where you will learn all about basic feeding principles, nutrition management and how dairy in Israel has perfected the concept of optimum nutrition for optimal yield.

If you are a small ruminant farmer you will learn about how to correct feeding is also applied to sheep farming and goat farming in Israel.

Dairy herd management Seminar with emphasis on Dairy Nutrition



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