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Dairy Nutrition course

Excellent opportunity for Dairy Nutritionists

Dairy Nutrition course for dairy experts 

Dairy Nutrition course an excellent opportunity for Dairy Nutritionists and Dairy Feed Companies

As a dairy professional, you know that proper dairy cattle nutrition is one of the most critical milk production elements. Feed costs for the herd represent 60% of the total expense associated with the production of milk. Type of nutrition profoundly affects the dairy cow’s production, profitability, and overall health. We will cover the main nutrition topics in our Dairy Nutrition seminar.

Our dairy feeding goals 

When we talk about improving our herd, the main questions are:

  • What is the best way to feed high-yield dairy cows on a modern farm?
  • What is the best formulation for my herd?
  • How can we be the most efficient with our feeding plan?

In collaboration with the most professional dairy nutritionists, the Israeli Dairy School Dairy Nutrition Seminar covers the main aspects of dairy cow nutrition feeding. We teach dairy feeding management to increase milk production, health, and fertility for lactating and dry cows.

Dairy Nutrition course for dairy experts 

Ration Programming and Feeding Practices

Optimal planning and rationing have always been desirable goals from a professional and economic perspective; however, we must take special care while adjusting our planning to management.

About the course

The course includes both lectures and visits to feedlots. You will learn about feeding principles, nutrition management, and how we feed our cows in Israel with optimum nutrition for optimal yield.

Who should attend the course?

If you are a dairy nutritionist, dairy experts, or dairy farmer, the course recommended for you. The course well fits for dairy feed companies team, experts and customers.

Main Course topics:

  • Introduction to The Dairy Industry in Israel.
  • By-products from corn are an essential ingredient in Israeli rations.
  • Proper rations: the balancing of energy and protein in dairy cows.
  • Feed Efficiency (FE): a revised model to 150 DIM.
  • We are improving the use of alternative sources of energy and starch in dairy cows rations.
  • What should we do to avoid low PH conditions in the cows’ rumen?
  • Prevention of Subacute rumen acidosis (SARA) using nutrition and management tools.
  • Balance starch levels during the cows’ lactation.
  • Minimize the negative energy balance during peak lactation.
  • Caustic Soda Treatment to achieve fast fermentation of grains.
  • Evaluating the efficiency models of rations formulation.

Note: If you are a small ruminant farmer, please apply to sheep farming and goat farming in Israel seminar.

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