Dairy nutrition course for
dairy feed companies

Dairy cattle nutrition management for dairy feed company team

What is a dairy nutrition course for dairy feed companies?

Dairy nutrition course designed specifically for the dairy feed companies’ teams. We understand that your daily work can be very challenging. This seminar will provide you with tools to improve your team’s knowledge to improve performance.


The Israeli Dairy School has hosted people from more than 50 companies from 20 different countries

Dairy Experts in our team

On our team, we have 50 of the best dairy experts

Seminar Days

Starting on Sunday,in 5-7 full days, you’ll learn the most advanced & practical techniques 



Israeli Dairy School began operating in 2010 and has become one of the leading dairy training centers in the world. Our dairy management course offers dairy professionals an overview of practical Israeli techniques for successfully managing dairy herds.

We have a team of dairy experts who are among the best in the industry. They have experience in a variety of dairy fields. With our dairy farming solutions, you’ll be able to increase efficiency and productivity in the domestic dairy industry.

Israeli Dairy School programs are highly respected internationally and modelled after the dairy industry’s global success.

About the dairy nutrition cours

Dairy nutrition course for dairy feed companies is an interactive training program carefully designed to educate participants on recent dairy farming management and nutrition developments. There are five main modules of dairy feeding aspects covered in the seminar: basic dairy cow nutrition, advanced dairy cow nutrition, nutrition management problems and solutions, real farm data analytics, and an additional important point: ways to improve team sales performance.

Main Dairy nutrition course topics

An overview of recent developments in the Israeli dairy industry

Modern management technologies in high producing dairy herds

Nutrition management and feeding principles

High-yield production under hot climate and heat stress conditions

Breeding and fertility management

Economic aspects of dairy herd management

Milk quality and udder health

Raising calves and heifers

Health and prevention of diseases

Dairy farms visits, best on site learning experiences:

Family dairy farm, with 50-100 milking cows

The first organic dairy farm in Israel

Kibbutz cooperative dairy farms with 400 and 1000 milking cows

Software manufacturer for dairy herd management

Regional feed center, serving about 5000 cows/day

What You'll Learn in the Course

Learn from the Israeli dairy industry success

Introduction to newest herd management technologies

Dairy herd feeding and nutrition

Improve herd management skills and milk quality

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Do not miss this once-in-a-year opportunity!

Explore Israel's famous tourist attractions and holy sites

Without this part, a course in Israel would not be complete. You can take advantage of your trip and visit the city of Nazareth, famous churches around the Lake of Galilee (Capernaum National Park) and the Jordan river. A tour of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea is optional for groups as part of the seminar.



Phil Kaatz

Michigan State University Extension

“The Dairy School provides an excellent overview of the dairy industry in Israel. By staying in a kibbutz, meeting those directly involved in milk production, and interacting with supporting agribusinesses, you learn more in a few days than you can in a month on the Internet.”


Mr. Hiroyuki Taguchi

Dairy Farmer Hokkaido Japan

“This Israel tour program is very meaningful. Israeli cow bed area is wide enough. In Hokkaido, our style is overcrowded breeding. It may apply stress to cows. We study about silage from wheat in Israel. I think it may be a cause of high milk yield.”

Talip Kuner

Almari Turkey

“I am Thankful to Israeli Dairy School and all their instructors for their broad coverage of all related subjects for patiently answering all questions of the participants. It has also been a great opportunity to experience the Kibbutz life. I would recommend any Dairy manager, operator, owner and even to those who are new to Dairy Business.”

Course price Includes

Accommodation in country style (kibbutz hotel)

Welcome Dinner

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the entire stay

Transport to all farm visits and tours

Lectures by dairy experts

Sightseeing tours

Professional licensed tourist guide

Certificate of Seminar completion

Each participant will get a shirt and a hat of Israeli Dairy School


All-inclusive program at a reasonable price

Costs of the seminar

Accommodation of two people sharing a room is 650 USD per person per day. 

Single room (no sharing) with additional cost. 

For big groups, check out our special price.

✓ Discounts are available for accompanying family members

The Best Experience Ever

"It has been a brilliant learning tour; they do things differently to what we do in Australia, and even different to others to ear-mark intensive situations and have world experiences."
Pat Guerin
Balco Limited Australia

Israeli Dairy School Course for dairy feed companies