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Dairy Herd Veterinary Care Seminar

Dairy veterinary in Israel

Dairy Veterinary Seminar in Israel

When it comes to milk production, the health of the dairy cattle herd is of utmost importance. Regular veterinary care including periodic check-ups, vaccinations, and prompt treatment of illness is crucial to ensure the production of the highest quality and quantity of milk. Join us for Dairy Veterinary Seminar and learn how we handle Dairy veterinary in Israel.

In Israel’s highly successful dairy farming industry, Israeli dairy farmers place a ­­­­tremendous emphasis on cow welfare and the health of each and every animal, and Israeli veterinarians are among the most skilled in the world in the treatment, prevention, and control of infectious and production diseases.

The necessity for intensive farm visits is very important in Israel. Main veterinary activities are: taking care of sick cows, Dairy herd health management, diseases prevention, and animal welfare.  Cows are checked after calving for both clinical and sub-clinical diseases.

In our seminar, we will show you how we are doing it

Dairy Veterinary course topics:

  • Integrated herd health systems The Israeli Experience
  • Introduction to the farm report
  • Navigating through the farm report
  • Introduction to heard monitoring
  • Concepts, monitoring calving events
  • Infectious disease
  • Young stock rearing & infectious diseases
  • Analysis & discussion of real farm reports
  • Analyzing reproduction data
  • Using statistical models to analyze report data
  • Cattle herd immunization/vaccination protocols
  • Fresh cow disease
  • Improving milk quality and udder health
  • Mastitis control
  • Dairy Cow Foot and Leg Problems
  • Economics aspects of disease management

The Israeli Dairy School Dairy Herd Veterinary Care Seminar works in cooperation with the leading veterinary organization in Israel to cover all aspects of Dairy Cattle Veterinary health.


Veterinary care seminar

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