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Dairy Herd Management Summer Seminar


The Israeli Dairy School recently conducted “Dairy Herd Management Seminar”. It was a 5 days seminar and the prime agenda was to spread awareness among dairy professionals and dairy farm managers about how the Israeli dairy industry uses modern computerized technology to reach production rates of 12,000 Kg per cow per year.

To make a highly engaging and informative seminar more intriguing for our guests, we planned a 5 days itinerary encompassing interactive lectures, study tours and visits to ancient holy sites of Israel.

DS Summer 2015 seminar

The seminar commenced on Sunday at 12 pm in Degania B Hotel, Kibbutz Degania B where all our delegates from Italy Belorussia and Turkey reached on time.  Post lunch, a 2hours opening lecture on “Agriculture and dairy farming in Israel” and “Dairy sector in Israel: An overview of recent developments in the Israeli dairy industry” was presented by our expert consultants Dr. Steven Rozen.

Another round of 2hours lecture on “How do we milk our cows: Fine-tuning milking management and parlor performance” was presented by Mr Ralph Ginsberg. After the last session of the lecture, a welcome dinner was organised for all dairy professionals and dairy farm managers in a restaurant near the Jordan River.

On the 2nd day of the seminar was started with breakfast around 7 am in morning. Post breakfast, Degania B agricultural Kibbutz tour was organised by Mr Idan Ben Shalom. Around 10:30 am, we all visited the first organic dairy farm in Israel, Kibbutz Harduf and an overview lecture on Kibbutz was conducted. Post lunch, our guests went sightseeing to Nazareth and the Annunciation Church. After half an hour, a study tour was organised to a family robotic dairy farm including cheese making in Moshav Yavniel. The second day was being bit hectic and we ended it with dinner around 8 pm.

We started 3rd day of the seminar with fresh energy. Post breakfast, a 2 hours lecture on “Feeding and management of dairy herd by nutrition specialist” was presented by Dr Ofer Kroll. After the end of the session, we visited a regional feed center, serving about 5000 cows /day. Post lunch, a study tour was organised to provide more information to our guests about the onsite presentation of the feed management. By 5 pm in the evening, we all returned to the hotel and attended another round of lectures on raising calves and heifers, and feeding, management and economic aspects of the dairy herd.  A brief discussion was also conducted to discuss the summary of the day. Our delegates returned to their hotel for dinner.

After breakfast on the 4th day, our guests headed for a study tour to the kibbutz Afikim dairy farm to learn about the herd management system. Later on, they visited Afimilk in Kibbutz Afikim to have a better understanding of the herd management system which was presented by Afimilk experts and major topics covered were:

  • Managing the individual cow in a large herd
  • Milk quality and udder health
  • Modern management technologies in high producing dairy herds

Post lunch, our guests went out for sightseeing to the Lake of Galilee and the very famous churches around the lake (Capernaum National Park); Yardenit (the Baptismal Site on the Jordan River). We wound up our day returning to the hotel for dinner.

After breakfast, the final day of our seminar kicked off with a study tour to Hachaklait Veterinary Services, Caesarea. Post-study tour, informative lectures were presented on “Breeding and fertility management” by Dr Yoal Zeron, ICBA- Israeli Cattle Breeders Association and “Herd health and prevention of diseases” by Dr Ilan Dagoni. Another round of lectures was given on integrated herd health programs: The Israeli experience, by a veterinarian. Our delegates had also attended one more round of discussion to gain better insight into the importance of the fertility factor within the dairy industry. After lunch in the old city of Caesarea, an informational lecture was presented on “Analysis & Discussion of real farm reports” by s Dr. Ilan Dagoni. Finally, the seminar was ended on a happy note and the distribution of the completion certificate.

The Israeli Dairy School is greatly honoured to conduct this 5-day informative seminar.  We are always pleased to share our knowledge and proficiency with dairy professionals and dairy farm managers, as well as experience-rich culture of Israel and ancient holy sites.

Israeli Dairy School Summer seminar (3)

Here is a selection of customer reviews who attended 5 days interesting and informative seminar:

 “It was great week meetings with devoted people. Only after leaving possible to understand all importance of your training courses Many thanks for all information. All information very simple and accessible. You may be proud by Israel dairy industry”

“I want to say thank you for the wonderful week we passed in Israel, full of .”  Mr. Simone Pezzi from Italy

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