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Dairy herd management course program topics for groups

Dairy Herd Management Course Topics

Our dairy herd management training topics are designed to reflect the best practices of Israel’s successful dairy industry. From nutrition to herd management, you can select topics that are most relevant to you. Here is the list.

At Israeli Dairy School, we offer more than just training; we offer an experience. Our dairy farm management program comprises group activities that foster teamwork and build strong customer relationships. Tailored especially for dairy organizations and companies, our seminars cover a wide range of topics, from herd management and nutrition to improving milk quality and veterinary care. But that’s not all! Your time with us includes a complete tourist package, allowing you to explore Israel’s famous attractions and sacred sites. It’s not just a seminar; it’s a complete Israeli experience.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Here are the topics you can learn about in our Dairy Herd Management seminars:

Advanced methods to improve your dairy herd productivity 

A. Nutrition management of dairy cows

B. Dairy herd health

C. Improving milk quality and udder health

D. Fertility, breeding, and reproduction

E. Summer heat stress management/Milk production in a hot climate

F. Economic aspects of dairy farming

G. Cow manure and dairy farm effluent treatment solutions

H. Robotic milking

I. Planning and designing of a new dairy farm

J. Small Ruminants management 

All subjects in detail:

A. Nutrition management of dairy cows

  • Nutrition and management of the Israeli high-producing dairy cows
  • Introduction of new forages and plant additives for feeding dairy cows
  • Different aspects of the replacement heifers rearing process in the Israeli dairy herd
  • Feeding calves and heifers.
  • Protected fats for feeding high-producing dairy cows
  • Silage preparation and storage technologies
  • High-quality fodder production
  • The formulation for disease prevention
  • Metabolic diseases
  • BCS: Body Condition Scoring
  • Anatomy & physiology of ruminants

B. Dairy herd health and advanced veterinary practice

  • Integrated Herd Health Systems: The Israeli Experience
  • Introduction: The farm report
  • Navigating through the farm report
  • Introduction to heard monitoring
  • Concepts, monitoring calving events
  • Infectious disease
  • Youngstock rearing & infectious diseases
  • Analysis & discussion of real farm reports
  • Analyzing reproduction data
  • Using statistical models to analyze report data
  • Cattle herd immunization/vaccination protocols
  • Fresh cow disease
  • Dairy Cow Foot and Leg Problems
  • Economics aspects of disease management

C. Improving milk quality and udder health

  • The Mastitis control in Israel
  • Mastitis: disease description and udder physiology
  • Mastitis pathogens and recommended treatments
  • Mastitis-care and prevention
  • Milk quality standards
  • Milking efficiency
  • Economics and Cost of Mastitis
  • New methods of diagnosis of pathogens in milk
  • Fine-tuning of milking management and parlor performance
  • Milk production management
  • Reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock

D. Fertility, breeding and reproduction

  • Reproduction in dairy heard
  • The cow reproduction cycle
  • The cow’s reproductive system
  • Fertility indexes and terminology
  • Economics aspects of fertility
  • Reproduction & Fertility: Analysis & discussion of actual farm reports
  • Heat detection what is the best option for you
  • Artificial insemination
  • Genetics aspects and genetic improvement
  • Fertility and abortions
  • Performance Indexes and KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

E. Summer heat stress management in high-yield dairy/Milk production in a hot climate

  • Heat stress relief methods
  • Measure the losses caused to the dairy cows due to summer heat stress
  • Cooling cows in Israel
  • Improving summer fertility by cooling and hormonal treatments
  • Cow cooling management
  • Cooling heifers and dry cows in late pregnancy
  • Cost-effectiveness of cooling cows in different farm conditions

 F. Economic aspects of dairy farming

  • Parameters for optimal reproduction
  • Main factors to improve your farm profitability.
  • Weaning – feeding – milking cows – non-milking cows – nursing cows – calves
  • Use of herd management software
  • Analysis of your own farm
  • Organizational manpower chart of the farm
  • Capital calculation and evaluation
  • The profitability of future investments
  • Computerized systems – milk production reports

G. Cow manure and dairy farm effluent treatment solutions

  • The relationship between the dairy farm and the environment
  • Commercial ways to reduce dairy effluent
  • A green approach to fly control on dairy farms. (Use of fewer chemicals)

H. Robotic milking

  • Automatic milking on dairy farms
  • Milking hygiene and milk quality
  • Monitoring animal health and welfare
  • Daily farm operation
  • Feeding in robotic milking
  • Milking efficiency: milking, cleaning refusals, and stall time

I. Planning and designing a new dairy farm

  • Basic aspects in planning, designing, and constructing a dairy farm
  • Housing systems to optimize cows’ production and comfort
  • Housing and equipment
  • Key success factors in the management of large dairy farms

J. Small Ruminants management 

  • Intensive and semi-intensive Goat farming and Sheep farming.
  • Goat farming and Sheep farming Nutrition
  • Management tools for milking sheep and goat farms
  • Physiology and reproduction in small ruminants
  • Lambs’ rearing, the various options, and the best option for you
  • Small Ruminants herd health-what you should do to keep your herd healthy
  • How to select and improve your small ruminant herd
  • The best practices for improving meat production

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