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Dairy Farming in Israel Seminars

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Dairy Farming in Israel Seminars to improve your Dairy Herd.

Learn from The Israeli Dairy Industry Success

The Israeli Dairy School Dairy Farming in Israel seminars provide participants with several wonderful Israeli experiences. You will have a chance to participate in seminars with the most sought-after experts in the Israeli dairy industry. You will go on dairy farm tours to experience Israeli dairy farming at first hand, and learn all about the computer systems that ensure the Israeli dairy industry’s success.


In addition to the high-quality seminars and dairy farm tours you will attend, you will also have the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most important religious holy sites that can only experience on a trip to Israel.

The ultimate education and travel experience

The Israeli Dairy School provides the ultimate education and travel experience all rolled into one unforgettable trip. If your business based on dairy or small ruminant farming you owe it to yourself to seize the opportunity to learn from the collective experience of our Israeli dairy farm experts. Today, the industry becomes more complex and productivity demand grows. We invite you to extend your knowledge of each aspect involved in dairy operations. This know-how is not only beneficial to farmers, but it is also crucial. The Israeli Dairy School is your resource for knowledge on all aspects of milk production.

Dairy Herd Management Seminar in Israel

Learn more about our Dairy herd management seminars:

Dairy Farming in Israel Seminar

An interactive training program carefully designed to educate participants on recent developments in dairy farming and management. Read more

Dairy Herd Nutrition Seminar

Our Dairy Herd Nutrition seminar covers various aspects of dairy cow nutrition. As you know, feeding, and dairy feeding management dramatically increase milk production, as well as health and fertility for both lactating and dry cows. Read more

Goats and sheep farm management seminar

The Goats and sheep seminar aims to educate new and experienced farmers on cutting edge technologies. We will introduce you to methods involved in achieving the healthiest herd and the highest possible milk volumes in small ruminants. Read more

Dairy Herd Veterinary Care Seminar

This Seminar held in cooperation with Israel’s leading veterinary organization to cover all aspects of Dairy Cattle Veterinary health.  Read more

Tailor-Made Seminar- make your seminar program

We will build the seminar program and topics to suit your particular delegation and can include topics such as sheep farming, goat farming, how to start a dairy farm and any others that you may like us to include.

So, what or saying about their experience?

My feedback are definitely 5 stars! I can highly recommend for every professional from our business!”  Anna Hazuchová SK FARM Partners

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