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Dairy Farming Course For Groups

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Dairy Farming Course For Groups

Dairy farming course for groups is a unique seminar program for dairy organizations and dairy companies.

The Dairy Farming Course for Groups offers a specialized practical training program designed specifically for professionals and clients across various sectors of the dairy industry. This course is perfectly suited for employees and stakeholders from dairy feed companies, animal nutrition firms, dairy farmers’ associations, veterinary pharmaceutical companies, dairy genetics organizations, and dairy consultancy services.

Custom seminar topics for your group, with a full Israeli tour package

Enjoy the Israeli experience

Our tailor-made Dairy Herd Management courses are designed for groups. Courses program plan especially for dairy professionals and farmers.
Dairy farm course for groups training program is a unique experience; the learning adventure combines an intensive educational program for dairy professionals with sightseeing tours to some of Israel’s most recognizable religious and historical sites.

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It’s a unique experience. The learning adventure combines an intensive educational program for dairy professionals with sightseeing tours to some of Israel’s most recognizable religious and historical sites.
The educational aspect includes hands-on activities and lectures by Israel’s leading experts on the most cutting-edge scientific techniques and methods that are improving the dairy industry around the world.
Our group dynamics during the seminars are an excellent opportunity for dairy organizations and companies to improve group members collaboration, team building, and strengthen customer relationships.

We will adjust the seminar program according to your group request.

By joining the Israeli Dairy School, you will gain:

learn from the Best Israeli Dairy Experts:

The Israeli Dairy School works with a team of 50 of the best Dairy Experts. By joining the seminar, you will have a unique opportunity to improve your Dairy knowledge by learning from the best Israeli Experts team.

Choose your topics of interest:

When we plan the course for your group, you can choose your topics of interest. Just tell us your topics of interest, and we will set the seminar content for you.

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Flexible time frame:

The time for your visit and the duration of the seminar can adjust according to your needs. The typical seminar duration is 3- 10 days, and you can choose the most suitable dates for your visit.

Group size:

Join us with your best friends or colleague, and get your own private seminar. Group sizes of seven people and more are welcome. Our largest group size is 30 people

All included:

You don’t have to worry we take care of all aspects of your visit: transportation from the airport, three meals a day, professional lectures, professional tours and sightseeing, accommodation is also arranged according to your request and budget. You will only need to buy the air ticket to Israel, and we will do the rest.

Transport during the seminar

During the seminar, we provide transportation. A reliable driver will take you on your tour in a comfortable bus. Wireless internet is available on almost all of our buses.

Professional tours and sightseeing:

Visit dairy farms and the most important places in Israel.

An attendee of the Israeli Dairy School floats effortlessly on the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea in Israel, basking in the warm sunlight and enjoying the unique, mineral-rich environment.

Your language choice:

The primary seminar language is English. The translation to other languages is possible according to your request.

Dairy School Certificate:

At the end of the seminar, you will receive our Dairy school certificate.

Seminar Cost:

The seminar cost per person per day is USD 550 – USD 650. We might be able to offer you a special rate. Contact us for more details.

The value-added tax (VAT) on tourist services is currently exempt in Israel. However, these services will soon be subject to a VAT rate of 17%. Once the revised VAT rate is implemented, our pricing will be updated accordingly.

Visa to Israel (if needed):

You should apply for a visa as soon as possible since the visa procedure takes time. Israeli dairy school will send an invitation letter to the seminar, the letter should be used for the visa application. The invitation letter will be sent to you once the advanced seminar payment is received. If you do not get a visa, we will refund your payment minus $350 per person

Japanese dairy professionals from Hokkaido actively participate in a tailored dairy farming seminar in Israel, where they immerse themselves in a blend of interactive learning, hands-on demonstrations, and specialized workshops. These sessions are meticulously designed to address the distinct challenges and opportunities in Israeli dairy farming, ensuring the participants gain valuable insights and practical skills relevant to their field


Israel Dairy School hosted people from more than 20 countries:

“Thanks for the whole team provide very interesting lectures and thanks for all the very good arrangement! We all enjoy the trip to Israel! Good food, good lectures, good travelling, and very nice people, 5 star is not enough!” 

Virginia Wang


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 Taiwanese dairy farmers engaged in an interactive dairy herd management seminar in Israel, gaining insights and sharing experiences on advanced dairy farming techniques

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