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Dairy Farmer, the success keys for the next generation

Running a small dairy farm is a difficult career choice, and owning one can be a risky business.  It’s not a mystery as to why.  The long hours, the intense labor, and the small profit margins are driving the next generation farmer away. Increasingly, next-generation farmers are leaving the fields for other professions, hoping to find a better option than farming.

Owning a farm, tending the land, and nurturing animals used to be a thing of pride, but when it doesn’t pay the bills or become a viable option for raising a family the dream of working the land quickly becomes just that, a dream.

Dairy farming community is changing

As the industry develops and evolves into something more business in nature, the farming community is changing with it.  What are starting to pop up are cooperatives or large dairy businesses.  In these situations, the business owners are making up for the smaller profit margins by expanding.  If done correctly the larger dairy industries are promoting larger profits.



The Israel Dairy Industry is evolving with the changes

The Israel Dairy Industry is evolving with the changes in this industry with their two main farming types; the Kibbutz (large collective farming) or the Moshav (small herds within a cooperative), the industry promotes new technology for feeding and milking, advances in TMR, advanced cooling systems and a collaborative effort to spread the work and to support each business partner to promote the best possible dairy farm.  In this regard, although the farming industry is changing it is by no means dying out.

Regardless of what happens, there will always be a need for the farmer.  The Israel dairy industry is growing exponentially. This industry has made clear advances among its counterparts in terms of its systems and advancements.

Time of change for the new generation

The new generation (or next generation) farmer will find the farming and dairy industry changed considerably from the days of his father’s farm.  The prospect of owning or being part of a large cooperative, having the stability of life, pride in the business in which they choose their profession can only promote the continuation of the next generation farmer.  The dairy industry in Israel is a leading industry with advances other dairy industries haven’t even begun to consider implementing.  All in all, the next generation farmer can work in the Israeli dairy industry and be proud of the work they do while making a decent living to support their families.

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