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DOZENS of dairy farmers and their workers in Israel have been gunned down in kibbutz’s close to the Gaza border by Hamas terrorists. >> read more

Here, you can read articles about the Israeli Dairy School in the global media:

Article about Israeli dairy farming published in M2 Magazine, the magazine on mastitis and milk quality for dairy professionals.

An article in the famous Israeli journal, The Jerusalem Post, was published before the Shavuot holiday. It’s interesting to learn about the dairy industry in Israel today.

Israeli dairy farmers slaughtered >>Read More

Israeli dairy farmers killed by Hamas as they milked their cows >>Read more

Israeli dairy farmers slaughtered by Hamas >> Read more

Israeli dairy farmers slaughtered by Hamas as they milked their cows >>Read more

Our Article “Practical heat stress management tips” published in the Progressive Dairy Magazin USA read more >> press here

Does data help you better manage your dairy farm? An article by Ofier Langer, manager of the Israeli Dairy School published in the Progressive Dairy Magazin USA

Dairy Magazin USA>> read the article

Dairy experts from Kerala, India, visit the Israeli Dairy School  >>Press here

Israeli Dairy school and its manager Ofier Langer in the major Israeli dairy newspaper. The Farm and Milk, the magazine of the dairy and cattle industry in Israel >>Read more


Eight things to consider before setting up a modern dairy farm.

Published in the nation Africa Read more>>

“Xiaohe”, a 25-year-old dairy farmer from Taiwan, went abroad to the Israeli Dairy School to study.

Press here to read more

Read more>>

The world’s most productive cows emerged from resilience

For one very small country known more for creed than cows, resilience and an innovative spirit have helped it achieve an enviable title: home of the world’s most productive dairy cows. This country’s focus on genetics, data collection, and heat abatement led to the world’s highest average milk yield per cow. >>Click here for the full article

Article published on Hoard’s Dairyman


Michigan State University Dairy Extension website

The Cows in Israel may look the same, but the dairy industry looks a lot different over here compared to there. Early in 2020, I had the opportunity, along with two colleagues, to go to Israel and visit dairy farms and speak with agri-business professionals there as guest instructors with the Israeli Dairy School

There, we were joined by a dozen US farmers and agribusiness professionals. Read more

Israeli school adds a new twist to dairy training programs

Using time-tested practices and cutting-edge technology, the school in a small agricultural village near the city of Nazareth in central Israel is working to enhance productivity, animal welfare, nutrition and health. >> Read more

La Industria Láctea Israelí

En Israel, los sistemas informáticos ayudan a registrar los datos sobre la leche y a gestionar la salud de los animales, los regímenes de alimentación, la cría adecuada y la planificación económica. A medida que avancemos, es probable que estos sistemas sean más eficaces y permitan una planificación aún mejor.

La Industria Láctea Israelí

Israel es líder mundial en la industria láctea y, a su vez, los productos lácteos han sido una parte fundamental de la agricultura israelí a lo largo de la historia del país. El éxito de la ganadería lechera israelí se debe en gran medida al duro trabajo y a la innovación de los ganaderos, que han logrado impresionantes hitos en la mejora de la producción de leche y la optimización de las razas de vacas y ovejas. >>

In Israel, it’s all about water 

As 2020 dawned, I had the opportunity to be in Israel for Dairy School; The Israeli Experience. This was my first time in that ancient land, and it opened my eyes to the realities with which the people and particularly dairy farmers deal with. One of those realities is living in a hot, arid climate. Truly, water is essential not only for life, but for crop and milk production as well. Read more

Article about Israeli Dairy in the 

What Sets the Israeli Dairy Industry Apart And What Dairy Farmers around the World Can Learn from It  >> Read More

The Finnish Dairy Magazine KMVET >> Press here 

An article in the agricultural network Farmit-pages in Finland

Tiesitkö, että Israelin lypsykarjatiloilla on maailman korkein keskituotos, lähes 12 000 kiloa? >> Read More

What is trending in the Israeli dairy industry >>Read more

Israel’s high-tech expertise is being applied to milk and cheese

At the online magazine The Tower: >> Read here

Dairy ration strategies in Israel

In Progressive Dairyman


Get the article  as PDF file



Dairy Industries International



Ofier Langer, CEO and founder of The Israeli Dairy Read more 

A day in the life of Ofier Langer, CEO and founder of the Israeli Dairy School. The Dairy School offers educational seminars of dairy professionals about the Israeli dairy industry and farming techniques



Israel Dairy Goat industry by Dutch Goat magazine



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