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Companies Israeli Dairy School is cooperating with:

Moving Floor Automation is dominating almost all sections of the barn –milking, feeding and scraping of the aisles. When it comes to the laying areas of the barn, all areas are still dependent on labor in order to be cleaned. Moving Floor is the first and only supplier of self-cleaning floors for the laying areas in a barn.

The Moving Floors are automatically cleaned 12-15 times/day, the automation does not only contribute to lower operational costs due to labor saving and bedding reduction but it also contributes to a higher level of hygiene. With an increased level of hygiene the results seen are; 30% increased growth rate on calves, 95% lower ammonia emissions and less mastitis therefor lower usage of antibiotics.

The modules can be placed outdoor or indoor in old as well as new barns on simply a flat flooring. All products are of very good quality and today you can find Moving Floors in 60 farms in northern Europe.

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Since 1988 the name GÖWEIL represents the most extensive and a very high quality product range in the press and bale wrapping technology. More than 100 employees manufacture all the different machines and devices as well as the whole electronics directly in Kirchschlag – Austria.

GÖWEIL has become a synonym for high quality machines in many countries all over the world such as Japan, Canada, New Zealand and many more, as the export quota reaches more than 86 percent.

In the areas of Round bale wrappers, Round bale wrapper combination, Press wrapper combination, Square Bale Wrappers, Bale transport equipment and Bale Opening Devices GÖWEIL counts on an in-house development and the long lasting know-how of all the employees.

All GÖWEIL products are especially designed for a hard onset and represent the state of the art.

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