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Dairy Seminar in Israel

23th – 27th June 2019

Dairy Farming and Dairy Herd Management Seminar

Learn from the Israeli dairy industry success

Join us for our Summer Dairy Herd Management Seminar 23th – 29th June 2019

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Israeli Dairy School Dairy Farming Seminar is an interactive training program carefully designed to educate participants on recent developments in dairy farming and management. The dairy farm seminar covers cutting-edge technological innovations and their practical applications in high-producing dairy herds, as well as techniques and outlines for production initiatives, processing, and marketing of dairy products.

Learn all you need to know about successful dairy farming !  By attending the seminar, you will have the chance to receive first-hand knowledge from the most sought-after experts in the Israeli Dairy industry.
During the seminar you will learn how the achievements of the Israel’s dairy sector have been made possible and how Israel continues to increase production efficiency.  You will find out how Israeli dairy farms consistently produce record milk yields, and take home all the new knowledge provided by your training on dairy farming techniques in Israel to improve your own productivity.

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Dairy Herd Management Seminar main topics:

  • An overview of recent developments in the Israeli dairy industry
  • Modern management technologies in high producing dairy herds
  • Nutrition management and feeding principles
  • High-yield production under hot climate and heat stress conditions
  • Breeding and fertility management
  • Economic aspects of management of dairy herd
  • Milk quality and udder health
  • Raising calves and heifers
  • Health and prevention of diseases

Study Tours – these are some of the places you will visit

  • A family farm, with 40-50 milking cows
  • A Kibbutz dairy cooperative, with 300-400 milking cows
  • Visit a software manufacturer for dairy farm management
  • Visit a cow feed center and feed mill

Tourist Attractions:

  • Enjoy your stay in Israel and visit the Holy Cities of Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee.
  • Sightseeing tours to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea are optional for the weekend after the seminar, for additional cost.

All inclusive

  • Accommodation in country style (kibbutz hotel), two people sharing a room
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the entire stay
  • Transport to and from farm visits and tours
  • Lectures by dairy experts
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Professional licensed tourist guide

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