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Israeli Dairy School customers share their seminar experiences

If you’re wondering how practical our seminars are, this page is for you. Hear directly from dairy experts around the globe who’ve attended our Dairy Management and Dairy Herd Nutrition seminars. Their testimonials reveal the real, measurable impact our programs have had on their operations. We invite all dairy farmers and professionals to experience this success for themselves by joining our seminars.

This revised text aims to build trust and encourage more dairy farmers and professionals to take part in our seminars. It emphasizes the global reach and effectiveness of our programs.

“This was an experience like no other!”

“What a fantastic, enriching experience! I attended the June 2023 dairy course and I can’t speak highly enough of the program. Mr. Ofier Langer the Dairy School manager gave us such a warm welcome and ensured that we were comfortable throughout our stay in Israel. The course is very well-planned, well-organized with presentations by top notch professionals, covering agriculture in Israel, but mainly focusing on dairy farming – calf/herd management, nutrition, diseases, technology, facilities etc. Many opportunities to interact with Israeli dairy farmers were provided thus presenting first-hand experience of various types of dairy farms. Besides imparting the best knowledge on dairy farming to us, the course also cleverly weaved in cultural experiences throughout our stay there.
This dairy course is must for anyone who is serious about the dairy industry. The course is fun, enjoyable, enlightening, inspiring and unforgettable! What we took away from it – new friendships, our increased knowledge of dairy farming and the industry as well as the Israeli culture are unsurpassed! The dairy course was the most wonderful experience! Thank you!”

Pauline, United States

“I would like to inform you with great pleasure that our visit and lectures was huge success and would like to thank you on behalf of my colleagues and myself from core of my heart. There is no denying the fact that we achieved a competitive edge in dairy industry and it would have not been possible without Israel dairy school and your dedication in puting in place elaborate programe ,you are asset to our our life we will not forget experiences . It was honor to meet knowledgeable lecturers/team who are not only diligent but think outside of the box”


Paul Kiprotich From Kenya

“My wife and I were part of the first American tour that was given by the Israeli Dairy School. Phil Kaatz, Phil Durst, and Stan Moore all did presentations from an American perspective but the basic principles could be applied to dairies of any size from any country. I would challenge any dairyman/farmer to take this tour.”

Cal Mast
Denair, CA , United States

Excellent program…
Thank you very much, Mr Ofier Langer…
Well thought out selection of resource people, content and schedules….
Seen science working beautifully for profit!

Dr Jayadevan Narayanan
Kerla, India

Thank you very much for your great assistance to our Israel Agriculture Tour.

Through the tour program, we could know some Israeli dairy farms with various system, feed center and took a professional lecture on dairy reproduction know-how. Thanks to such activities, we could understand some aspects of the Israeli highly productive dairy business.

代表理事会長 南 和孝

Hokkaido Agriculture Association (Japan)
Chairman Kazutaka Minami

“The Israeli Dairy School was a thoroughly enjoyable and profitable experience. We interacted with Israeli dairy farmers and ag professionals as we learned together what makes the Israel dairy industry succeed in a land with many challenges. Each day was new, with well-planned experiences. The visits to Biblical sites and ancient settings gave me new perspectives and understanding. I highly recommend this to anyone serious about dairy and serious about understanding Israel. It was a lifetime opportunity!”  To read more about the visit >>Press here

Phil Durst
Michigan State University Extension

“The Dairy School provides an excellent overview of the dairy industry in Israel. By staying in a kibbutz, meeting those directly involved in milk production, and interacting with supporting agribusinesses you learn more in a few days than you can in a month on the Internet. This is a tremendous learning opportunity! The added bonus of touring Christian historical sites, and visiting Jerusalem, the area that is so important to major religions, adds relevance about today’s world events for anyone.” To read more about the visit >>Press here

Phil Kaatz

Michigan State University Extension 

“This Israel tour program is very meaningful. Israeli cow bed area is wide enough.
In Hokkaido, our style is overcrowded breeding. It may apply stress to cows.
We study about silage from wheat in Israel. I think it may be a cause of high milk yield.”

Mr. Hiroyuki Taguchi, hokkaido Japan

“I have visited the Israeli Dairy School to observe the methods for fighting heat stress of Dairy Cattle. I have had the chance to listen to various experts in this field and to talk to people on the farm. Everyone we have talked to was very open and eager to share their experience. It has been amazing to see how Israeli Dairies are constantly developing their practices and applying new methods to increase efficiency and to lower costs. I am Thankful to Israeli Dairy School and all their instructors for their broad coverage of all related subjects for patiently answering all questions of the participants. It has also been a great opportunity to experience the Kibbutz life. I would recommend any Dairy manager, operator, owner and even to those who are new to Dairy Business.”

Talip Kuner

Almari Turkey

“Climate changes and heat stress are factors they negatively affect the production of high yielding herds in Slovakia, where I am professional consultant working for the company SK FARM Partners. Solving of heat stress and nutrition were 2 major driver od my motivation to take a part on the seminar of Israeli Dairy School in Israel. My feedback are definitely 5 stars! I can highly recommend for every profesional from our business!”

Anna Hazuchová

SK FARM Partners Slovak republic

“From Mustang’s site and me I would like to say most heartfelt thanks for the assistance of client group visit’s organisations, for the help during the tour of your team and you! The Mustang clients are satisfied by the trip!”

Maria Dorosh

Mustangtk Russia

“A fabulous experience and very worthwhile! The knowledge and information that is gained about dairy production and agriculture production from the Israeli people is unfathomable and top-notch. Ofier Langer, the CEO is a world class host, incredibly knowledgeable and connected throughout all of Israel. The knowledge that one gains will most certainly have a positive impact on you and your operation. I cannot begin to say enough good things about the Israeli Dairy School and encourage everyone, regardless if they have no connection to dairy, to attend and learn from this great experience”

Archie Griffin

Washington, North Carolina USA

“Замечательная школа..которая совмещает грамотную теорию и большой практический опыт фермеров ..теплый прием ..ну и.конечно же незабываемые красоты природы….”

Татьяна Хованская, Belarus

“Хороший приём. Насыщенная и разнообразная программа. В программе посещение ферм, заводов, общение с профессионалами своего дела, а также культурно-исторических мест.”


“Отлично организовано, масса ценнейшей информации доступно вложено в голову. Огромное спасибо!!!”


“it has been a brilliant learning tour, they do things different to what we do in Australia, and even different to others to ear-mark intensive situations and have world experiences”

Pat Guerin 
Balco Limited Australia 

“I am really thankful to Ofier for providing an opportunity to a farmer like me from India, and I am really happy, I would love to come aboard over and over again to visit dairy farms and to learn from the farmers here, the technology is really good. I think people who own dairy farms, good dairy farms so definitely come to Israel, a lot of technology here, and implement those things in their dairy farms, thank you”

 Mr. Ananta Basudeb India

“It was a learning experience at Israeli Dairy School…. Experienced new innovative feeding and breeding practices…. Good Initiative… Keep It up…:

Dr. Ramraje Patil 

Head of Farm Consultancy & Business Development at DeLaval India

“This trip to Israeli Dairy School was an excellent learning experience. Thank you for all your thoughtful arrangement and assistance. I personally and on behalf of my team and 20 of our farmers pay my appreciation to you and the Israeli Dairy School.”

Mr. Tsung Han Lin

Uni-President Enterprises Corp. Taiwan

“I’ve been to that school and it was really fun and life changing! Go for it Kenyans you will not regret”

Ms. Ludwine Kiprop


“Thanks for the whole team provide very interesting lecture, and thanks for all very good arrangement! We all enjoy the trip in Israel! Good food, good lecture, good traveling , and very nice people, 5 star is not enough!”

Virginia Wang

Uni-President Enterprises Corp. Taiwan

“I am happy to come to Israel, I found out the cows here are really healthy, also their mood, they don’t feel nervous or terrified from humans like Taiwan. The people here really give respects to the cows they raise. so I really appreciate Israeli Dairy School for bringing us a new understanding of cows and about what is the best for raising cows. Thank you”

Dairy Farmer


感謝lsraeli Dairy School給我們最新最棒的乳牛知識,也讓我們見識到世界頂尖的牧場是如何經營。老師們改變我許多觀念,回臺灣我會把在這裡學到的運用在自己的牧場,希望還會有機會再次拜訪Dairy School,我會想念這裡的

Ian Li


“I attended the Israeli Dairy School seminar for sheep and goats with a colleague on the 20-22/11/2017. The IDS Manager, Mr. Ofier Langer, was always there to help during the process of applying. He designed a seminar for me and my colleague after discussing our professional backgrounds. Mr. Langer was a great host; he managed for us training on the spot about management, nutrition, breeding, technologies etc. The IDS team, consisted of scientists and farmers, is a professionally working team. Visiting kibbutz industries regarding sheep and goat equipment and kibbutz farms was a great opportunity to us. We even had the chance to attend to the yearly meeting for cows, sheep and goats which was a great experience for us and a chance to meet farmers as well as people from farming equipment industry.

I would surely recommend the IDS sheep and goat seminar to anyone interested in this field.”

Maria Varnava, Agricultural Officer Livestock Sector, Department of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment


“Dear mr. Langer!

We would like to thank you for your participation in IV International Agro-Industrial Dairy Forum and attach the official letter from Denis Butsayev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow region; Minister of Investments and Innovations of Moscow Region.
We look forward to our further mutually beneficial cooperation.” For the original letter press here 

Организационный комитет

IV Международного агропромышленного молочного форума

“We were in Israel during this course. The education was very successful, and we suggest every farmer to join the education program in Israeli ? thank you very much Ofier Langer”

Yusuf Şanlıer Turkey

“The organization of the transport as well as the accommodation and the food were excellent.
In terms of the educational part of the week I was very impressed and happy about the strict timetable, tour of farms and feeding centre, the fact that we got all answers to all questions asked and the touristic tours for sightseeing.  Thank you again and your seminar week is highly recommended to all my colleagues and customers in Cyprus”

Lenos Yiasoumi


“I would like to say on behalf of me and my group thank you for everything. We’re glad to be there and fully recomended everyone to joen this training  to changing their sight view on Dairy Farming” Read more


Serakıncı LTD Mersin on Turkey

“Israel is done and dusted! What an amazing place! Such a unique country.. it has some big challenges, but in a way that’s what has helped their agriculture become so successful in the face of issues such as water. Never thought I’d see bananas in the Middle East, or that I’d be driving through the West Bank and looking over the border to Syria. The culture and history (especially in Jerusalem) is unbelievable. The mix of people and religions is even more than I expected, all generally very nice people. Have loved every moment of it!”

Jamie Heinrich

Nuffield Scholar Australia

“Thank you Ofier for organizing a great visit for us. I really recommend The Dairy School if anybody wants to learn about Israeli milkproduction, dairy management, nutrition and agriculture. We had an efficient program for 2 days, saw 4 dairy farms, one feed center and had discussions with nutritionists.”

Merja Holma
Milking cows nutritionist Raisio Group Finland 

“Thank you for the lovely pictures you have sent, and I would like to thank you for the hall period that we spent in Israel and attended the course (lesson),it was full of knowledge experience, information, expertise, it was a compacted 3 days but couldn’t get better than it as we have met people with 40+years of experience in this field and they share everything with us, farmers too as they offered any time help with sharing their experience in every aspect. It was really beneficial course (lesson) and I would highly recommend it to everyone who have sheep and cattle”

Atef Jazairi, Jordan

“Данные курсы рекомендую тем, кто хочет понять основы молочного бизнеса, основываясь на принципах экономики и здравого смысла. Очень грамотный подход к ветеринарии. К сожалению в странах СНГ эти подходы диаметрально извращены. Интересно показаны основные подходы в кормлении и содержании. Некоторые аспекты заслуживают особого внимания. Рекомендую посетить специалистам, знающим базовые принципы молочного скотоводства. Руководство курсов познакомило в некоторой мере со святыми местами и особеностями жизни и быта израильтян.”

Переднев Владимир Владимирович

“I would like recommend this course to all farm practitioners, animal health experts and other service providers. The farm visits set in the backdrop of the harsh climate conditions are a must see for any dairy enthusiast.”

Deepak Kindo,  India

“This was a great opportunity to follow up on questions to all the impressions we experienced during our 10-12 hour daily program.
We will at any time recommend other visitors with special interest into agriculture and dairy business to cooperate with the Israeli Dairy School. Ofier Langer and his team can be proud of professional and well organized tours which meet all our needs”  Press here to read more

Michael Farre
DVM / MBA Senior Advisor in Milk Quality
SEGES P/S Denmark

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience that I have spent this week in Israel, the merit is yours; I believe that if you can improve some aspects of the course, your school will become an international reference for all dairy farmers”

Matteo, Dairy excerpt, Italy

Israeli Dairy School customersThe Israeli Dairy School (IDS) are currently hosting me on my Nuffield New Zealand travels to Israel to study sheep milk farming and marketing globally. I have found them to be extremely well connected and knowledgeable about all sectors of the dairy industry in Israel. Ofier Langer and his team of consultants include some of the best researchers, vets, farmers and agri-technologists that I’ve met. IDS have organised me meetings and accommodation where available at various Mushav, Kibbutz and private farms to see contrasting scales and efficiencies of farming.

Farming and agriculture in Israel is known to be efficient, economic and technologically focused and everything I have seen here reflects that. As a country I found Israel to be peaceful, beautiful and very easy to navigate. The people are kind and generous and I would have no hesitation in recommending IDS to you. Please contact me if you would like a further reference.

Lucy Cruickshank
Nuffield NZ Scholar 
NZ Agri – Food Marketing Consultant and owner of Innov8 Aotearoa

“Thank you for you valuable time, good arrangements and effective visit!”

Our Guest, Vietnam 

“Once again thanks for a first class tour!”

Robert, Sweeden 

“I want to say thank you for the wonderful week we passed in Israel, full of very interesting information and good people.”

Simone Pezzi, Italy 

“Türkiye’den bir Katılımcı olarak öncelikle konukserverliğiniz ve dostça yaklaşımınız için çok teşekkürler.israilden iyi duygularla ve tekrar İsrail seyahati için fırsat yaratmalıyım Duyguları ile ayrıldım.her Katılımcı kendi pratiği ile ilgili sorularla ilgilendiğinden benim için iyi bir deneyim oldu.süt endüstirisi ve marketing hakkında kısa bir oturum yapılabilirmiydi diye bir önerim olabilir.”

Üzeyir Çakır, Turky

“The Israeli dairy model sparked a lot of debate within our group about how sustainable it is. But the interesting part for me is that all subsequent dairies we came to (or will come to soon) are now being judged through a different lens based on how they stack up compared to Israel’s cows. I think for many of us it was a paradigm shifting trip.”

Rob, Nuffield Australia

“Курсы прекрасно организованы. Лекторы представляют многоплановую структуру Израильской молочной индустрии. Хотелось бы видеть побольше крупных ферм , за которыми и будущее Израильской молочной отрасли. Вся информация очень проста и доступна, даже для специалистов общего профиля.”

владимир переднев Беларусь 

“It was a very well planned tour, where all practical arrangements were taken care of. We experienced four 

splendid days visiting different types of dairy farms and several different organizations, research centres and companies within the Israeli dairy production and dairy management.
All of the speakers we met were highly professional and very competent –very interested in discussing dairy management and related issues with us.
We definitely recommend other visitors with special interest into agriculture and dairy business to cooperate with the Israeli Dairy School and personally wish Ofier Langer and his team a prosperous and peaceful future development.”  press here Read more

Ines Märkle-Coldewey, Ph.D.

General Manager IDF-Germany and Member of the IDF Board

“As Secretary of the British Sheep Dairy Association, I would like to thank both Dr Ofier Langer and  Haim Leibovich, PhD for visiting us in the UK and being our keynote Speakers at the 2014 BSDA Conference.
It was a fascinating day, we heard how Agriculture in Israel has developed and how the Industry has become very efficient and makes use of technology where ever possible to improve flock health, improve milk yields and maximise margins.
Their knowledge of the dairy ewe is wide, all our members took away a lot of information and I would not hesitate to recommend The Israel Dairy School to anyone looking for detailed information on ruminants, dairy sheep in particular.”

Mark Hardy,

Secretary British Dairy Sheep Association

“I as a member of Orion Machinery Company Ltd would like to express my deep thanking mind for your attitude of sincerity and faithful in the performance of any promises witch made between Lotem and Orion. Therefore I can highly recommend Dairy School and Lotem, Israel, as a reliable commercial partner”

Eiichi Kimura
Orion Machinery Company Ltd Japan

“The whole trip including logistics was managed by Lotem. Every single aspect of the trip was meticulously planned and ran on schedule. The trip included a well planned tour of tourist destinations in Israel on the last day of the visit. We highly commend the excellent work done by Lotem and recommend them to any organization that may require support in organizing or participating in such seminars and workshops in Israel.’

Dr. Robert Nyarango
Nairobi,  Kenya

“We attended a four-day tailor made seminar with the main focus on dairy management. It was a very well planned tour, where all practical arrangements were taken care of! We experienced four splendid days visiting different types of dairy farms and several different organisations and companies within the Israeli dairy production and dairy management. All of the speakers we met were professional and very competent – very interested in discuss-ing dairy management with us. Most days we also had a dairy professional (nutritionist, dairy researcher) along with us. This was a great opportunity to follow up on questions to all the impressions we experienced during our 10-12 hour daily program. A professional tour guide drove us from place to place, telling about geography, history and culture during the whole seminar, and finally he guided us during a magnificent visit in Jerusalem.
We definitly recommend other visitors with special interest into agriculture to cooperate with Lotem Seminars. If you have got the opportunity you should also spent some time exploring cultural aspects of Israel during your visit.”

Press links to the articles written following the successful seminar in Israel: Reproduction, Health, Feeding.

Marie-Louise Ancker, Henrik Læssøe Martin, and Dorte Bossen
Knowledge centre for Agriculture Dept. Dairy and Cattle farming
Danish Agricultural Advisory Service

“We attended a five-day tailor made seminar in Israel with the main focus on Sheep Farms and milk processing factory visits, according to the Belarusian State Program of the Dairy Industry Development. The seminar was very well arrange by Lotem according to our needs and we were benefited from the very professional manner of meetings and interesting lectures that were organized for us, including tourist visit to Jerusalem.
We recommend to others who are interested in agricultural subjects to have their seminars with Dairy School.”

Vladimir K. Bokhon
Vice president Promtechnika


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