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Starting a new dairy farm is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Focusing on critical elements like selecting the right location, investing in quality cows, and setting up efficient milking systems is crucial. Equally important is understanding cow nutrition and comfort, as these directly impact milk production and overall herd health. Leveraging modern technology and training can give your new farm a competitive edge. At the Israeli Dairy School, we offer tailored seminars and hands-on training to help you navigate these complexities. With the right approach and resources, your new dairy farm can achieve both high milk production and animal well-being.

Silage trailer what is recommended for me?

Silage trailer, what is recommended for me? Which silage trailer would you recommend for me? This is a question we hear from dairy farmers around the world. A good, reliable one can serve the farm for many years. What is a good silage trailer? Silage trailers are agricultural trailers used to transport silage, a form of green forage which is chopped and stored in a way that preserves its nutritional…

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Which Milking Parlor is Best for Your Dairy Farm?

If you are building or expanding a dairy farm, you will need to decide which kind of milking parlor to use. There are several design options that each has its benefit. The choice depends on the size of the herd, the available labour at the farm, and personal preference.  This is very important information for building a new dairy farm. Parallel Milking Parlor Parallel parlors, also called side-by-side parlors, have…

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How to Start a Dairy Farm

How do I start a dairy farm? How much does it cost to build a modern dairy farm  If you’re thinking about starting a dairy farm, the process ahead may be daunting. Your question is how to start a dairy farm? Planning out the significant costs and requirements ahead of time is essential to help you budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises. The cost of building a modern dairy farm…

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