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Goat farming is a traditional practice that dates back to the beginning of history. Modern goat farming requires professional expertise. The commercial production of goat milk relies on a number of processes, including routine husbandry, nutrition, reproduction, group location, culling, and drying.
The goat dairy industry in Israel today represents a dynamic and successful element of the agricultural sector. Despite a rise in demand for goat milk, Israel’s small farms are consistently able to meet it by observing high standards.
With technological advancements, the Goat rearing industry has become more efficient, especially for intensive farmers. The milking facilities have improved significantly in recent years, as digital data records have helped improve market distribution and farm management.

Goat Farming in Israel modern and traditional farming

Goat Farming in Israel: modern and traditional farming side by side Langer Ofier The Israeli Dairy School Since Bible time, goats have been very common in Israel; they moved from one area to another during the year. Goats were a common source of milk, meat, and fabrics. A large flock of sheep and goats was a sign of wealth. Today the goat dairy industry in Israel is a dynamic and…

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