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Dairy Farming in Israel has been an important part of Israel’s agriculture for centuries. Throughout the years, Israeli farmers have perfected the dairy farming techniques, making Israel’s dairy industry one of the most efficient and productive in the world. With an average production rate of over 12000 kg milk per year, Israel has the highest milk production rate globally.

Dairy Farming in Israel despite unfavourable conditions, including heat and humidity, combined with limited resources. It did not stopp. Israel’s Dairy herd progression. Israeli dairy producers have achieved this outstanding award after decades of hard work. Breeding, management, and modern technology have all contributed to making the Israeli dairy industry the best in the world.

Dairy Farming in Israel

Israeli Dairy Industry Facts and Figures

Israeli Dairy Industry – facts and figures Despite unfavorable conditions, including heat, humidity, and limited resources, average milk production per cow in the Israeli dairy industry has increased dramatically since the 1950s, soaring from 4,000 kg annually to more than 12,000 kg in 2023. Israel’s dairy industry is considered one of the most advanced in the world.  Now, the total milk production in Israel is about 1.6 Billion Liters/year. Advanced technologies,…

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Keeping Your Cows Cool and Comfortable

Keeping Cows Cool and Comfortable: What is best for the cow? When things get hot, we find ways to cool down.  We fire up air conditioners, get wet, or get the air moving with fans.  Our animals are no different.  They feel the heat, and they want a break from it as well. It’s a proven fact that milk production goes down when cows overheat.  There are a few different…

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Grouping Dairy Cows The Israeli Way

Grouping dairy cows in the Israeli Way Israel has become a worldwide leader in the dairy industry by developing innovative farm technology and dairy herd management strategies. One of the favourite strategies of Israeli dairy farmers is grouping dairy cows. This is a tactic that groups cows by their nutrition needs for the best of the cows, and the farmers don’t end up wasting feed. What is cow grouping? A…

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Cow Cooling the Effective Israeli Way for Better Dairy Farming

Cow Cooling the Dairy Farming system we use in Israel keeps your cows cool throughout the summer, making sure you have happy, healthy, and fertile cattle. As with humans, cows need a specific temperature to be at peak health. The temperature becomes too high on dairy farms, causing female cows to lose milk production and fertility. The human body uses homeostasis to maintain its temperature. We may jump in the…

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Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies

Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies One of the key reasons Israeli’s dairy industry stands apart is its use of advanced dairy farming technologies. Advanced Dairy Herd Management technological advancements have become essential to the dairy industry worldwide, and Israeli companies are some of the global leaders in producing new technologies. This refined technology helps dairy farmers, both in Israel and elsewhere, to improve their cows’ and goats’ health, manage farms…

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Dairy farming in Israel: 100 Years of Innovation

Dairy farming in Israel: 100 Years of Innovation Israeli is a global leader in the dairy industry, dairy farming in Israel is a central part of Israel’s agriculture throughout the nation’s history. The success of dairy farming in Israel is due to the hard work and innovation of dairy farmers, who have achieved impressive milestones in improving milk production and optimizing cow and sheep breeds. In recent years, technological advancements…

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Amazing Facts about the Israel dairy

Israel dairy is the Lowest Dairy in the world, located along the Dead Sea Israel dairy farm in Kibbutz Kalia, on the northern shore of the Dead Sea, is the lowest dairy on earth! The climate in Kalia dairy is one of the most extremely difficult in Israel. The summer temperatures there are 47 O C in the shade and can reach 51 OC (not in the shade). In order…

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I would like to recommend Israeli Dairy course

I would like to recommend the Israeli Dairy course to all farm practitioners, animal health experts and other service providers Few words from Israeli Dairy School guest  Mr. LIVINUS KINDO from India “I would like to recommend the Israeli Dairy course to all farm practitioners, animal health experts and other service providers. The farm visits set in the backdrop of the harsh climate conditions are a must-see for any dairy enthusiast”….

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Dairy Herd Management Summer Seminar

DAIRY HERD MANAGEMENT SUMMER SEMINAR The Israeli Dairy School recently conducted “Dairy Herd Management Seminar”. It was a 5 days seminar and the prime agenda was to spread awareness among dairy professionals and dairy farm managers about how the Israeli dairy industry uses modern computerized technology to reach production rates of 12,000 Kg per cow per year. To make a highly engaging and informative seminar more intriguing for our guests,…

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Feeding Strategy & Diet formulation for the Dairy Herd

Dairy Feeding strategy & Diet formulation for the Dairy Herd By Dr. Ofer Kroll The general approach in Israel Dairy feeding strategy is to maintain two feeding groups: one for early lactation and another for the rest of the milking cows. In family farms, the one-diet method is the most popular one. Ad-libitum feeding, mainly with TMR and minimal transfer of cows between groups is the preferred feeding method in…

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