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Dairy Farming in Israel has been an important part of Israel’s agriculture for centuries. Throughout the years, Israeli farmers have perfected the dairy farming techniques, making Israel’s dairy industry one of the most efficient and productive in the world. With an average production rate of over 12000 kg milk per year, Israel has the highest milk production rate globally. Israel’s unfavourable conditions, including heat and humidity, combined with limited resources, have not stopped Israel’s Dairy herd progression. Israeli dairy producers have achieved this outstanding award after decades of hard work. Breeding, management, and modern technology have all contributed to making the Israeli dairy industry the best in the world.

What’s Trending in the Israeli Dairy Industry?

What’s Trending in the Israeli Dairy Industry? By Ofier Langer The Israeli Dairy School The Israeli dairy industry prides itself on being cutting edge, which means that the industry itself is always evolving. For those both within and without Israel, it can be a lot to keep track of. So whether you’re an Israeli dairy farmer yourself, a manufacturer interested in the industry, or perhaps an investor considering Israeli businesses,…

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Sustainable Dairy Farming the Israeli Way

Sustainable Dairy Farming in Israel for profitable Indian dairy farm Sustainable Dairy Farming is an important factor in the dairy industry success. India and Israel got their independence from the British around the same time. Today Both Nations have their glory. Coming to the dairy sector India today has about 520 Million cattle while Israel has only 100,000 cows, so the question is what we do in Israel that give…

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Cow Feeding

World record milking cow located in Israel

World record holder cow giving 18,208 liters of milk! World record milking cow is Kibbutz Sa’ad is located near the Gaza strip in the Negev desert in southern Israel. The dairy farm on Kibbutz Sa’ad was the Israeli leader in 2011 for productivity with an average of 13,785 liters of milk (3,032 imp gal; 3,642 US gal) per cow that year. A dairy cow named Kharta, was the world record…

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Practice Dairy Farming Learn the Israeli Way!

Practice dairy farming the best way – the Israeli way! Dairy Herd Management Training Course Summer 2022 – Book Now! Learn the best of Israeli dairy farming techniques from the experts themselves, grab a seat now! Have you always wondered about how you can improve your dairy herd management skills and possibly boost your dairy production manifold? Well, you are in the right place. Israel is the best in terms…

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The Lowest Dairy in the World is in Israel

The Lowest Dairy in the world is located along the Dead Sea Did you know? The Lowest World Dairy Farm is the dairy in Kibbutz Kalia, on the northern shore of the Dead Sea. The Dairy farm is 423 meters below sea level! It has many implications. The climate in Kalia dairy is one of the most extremely difficult in Israel. The summer temperatures there are 47 O C in the shade and…

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The Israeli Dairy Industry the Highest Milk Production in the World

Information about The Israeli Dairy Industry Did you know that Israeli cows have the highest milk production in the world? In 2018, the average milk yield per Israeli cow was 12,010 kg, according to the Israeli Dairy Board, more than what cows are producing anywhere else in the world. This is all in spite of Israel’s unfavorable conditions including heat, humidity, and restricted resources. This remarkable accomplishment is the result…

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Israeli Dairy Industry Facts and Figures

Israeli Dairy Industry – facts and figures Despite unfavourable conditions including heat, humidity, and limited resources, average milk production per cow in Israel has increased dramatically since the 1950’s, soaring from 4,000 kg annually to more than 12, 000 kg in 2021. Israel’s dairy industry consider as one of the most advanced in the world.  Now the total milk production in Israel is about 1.6 Billion Liters/year (3.53 pounds/year) Advanced technologies…

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Grouping Dairy Cows The Israeli Way

Grouping Dairy Cows The Israeli Way Israel has become a worldwide leader in the dairy industry by developing innovative farm technology and dairy herd management strategies. One of the favourite strategies of Israeli dairy farmers is grouping dairy cows. This is a tactic that groups cows by their nutrition needs for the best of the cows, and the farmers don’t end up wasting feed. What Is Cow Grouping? A standard…

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Feeding Strategy For Dairy Herds Based On The Israeli Experience

Dairy Feeding strategy & Diet formulation for the Israeli Dairy Herd  By Dr. Ofer Kroll The Dairy Herd Feeding strategy approach in Israel dairy today is to maintain two feeding groups: one for early lactation and another for the rest of the milking cows. Dairy Herd Feeding Strategy in family farms, the one-diet method is the most popular one. Ad-libitum feeding, mainly with TMR and minimal transfer of cows between…

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Cow Cooling the Effective Israeli Way for Better Dairy Farming

Cow Cooling the Dairy Farming system we use in Israel keeps your cows cool throughout the summer, making sure you have happy, healthy, and fertile cattle. As with humans, cows need a specific temperature to be at peak health. The temperature becomes too high on dairy farms, causing female cows to lose milk production and fertility. The human body uses homeostasis to maintain its temperature. We may jump in the…

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