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Dairy farm management is an essential topic for all dairy farm managers. Good management will ensure the best conditions for the cows and the working team. We have to consider the multiple factors that we have to take care of as dairy farm managers. The combination of good herd health, the best suitable feed for our cows and excellent milking procedures will give us vital management tools to manage our dairy herd.
What is the difference between a good and an average dairy farm? At the bottom line, it is the amount of milk produced, the quality, and the cost of production. Dairy managers must enhance their management skills to be successful in their dairy farms. Learn how to manage your dairy herd by attending our dairy herd management seminars.

The Hot Issue of Cooling the Dairy Farm

The Hot Issue of Cooling the Dairy Farm Join us for Dairy Herd management Seminar with emphasis on Heat Stress Management and Cooling the Dairy Farm This summer was the hottest summer on record. For Israeli dairy farms, this temperature increase can pose a significant challenge, and Cooling the Dairy Farm is an essential factor. The average climbing temperatures brought about by climate change can cause heat stress to domestic…

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