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Dairy farm management is an essential topic for all dairy farm managers. Good management will ensure the best conditions for the cows and the working team. We have to consider the multiple factors that we have to take care of as dairy farm managers. The combination of good herd health, the best suitable feed for our cows and excellent milking procedures will give us vital management tools to manage our dairy herd.
What is the difference between a good and an average dairy farm? At the bottom line, it is the amount of milk produced, the quality, and the cost of production. Dairy managers must enhance their management skills to be successful in their dairy farms. Learn how to manage your dairy herd by attending our dairy herd management seminars.

Dairy farm management


Raising Replacement Heifers Practical Tips

Raising Replacement Heifers Raising replacement heifers is one of the most significant costs in managing a dairy farm, but it’s also one of the most important investments in the future of your herd. Taking the time and resources to raise new heifers to be healthy from a young age will pay off in happier cows, higher fertility, better milk production, and lower costs in illness and injury. The following guidelines…

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Keeping Your Cows Cool and Comfortable

Keeping Cows Cool and Comfortable: What is best for the cow? When things get hot, we find ways to cool down.  We fire up air conditioners, get wet, or get the air moving with fans.  Our animals are no different.  They feel the heat, and they want a break from it as well. It’s a proven fact that milk production goes down when cows overheat.  There are a few different…

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Grouping Dairy Cows The Israeli Way

Grouping dairy cows in the Israeli Way Israel has become a worldwide leader in the dairy industry by developing innovative farm technology and dairy herd management strategies. One of the favourite strategies of Israeli dairy farmers is grouping dairy cows. This is a tactic that groups cows by their nutrition needs for the best of the cows, and the farmers don’t end up wasting feed. What is cow grouping? A…

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Dairy Herd Management The Main Principles

Seven main principles in Dairy Herd Management  An overview of the key Herd Management principles for Dairy Farmers Dairy Herd Management is an important factor for Dairy farms that maintain long-term high production. They need to successfully manage several key factors: cow nutrition, reproduction, comfort, and milking. Alongside these essentials, all dairy farms must deal with the logistics of weather, transportation, and expenses. It can be a lot to balance,…

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Cow Cooling the Effective Israeli Way for Better Dairy Farming

Cow Cooling the Dairy Farming system we use in Israel keeps your cows cool throughout the summer, making sure you have happy, healthy, and fertile cattle. As with humans, cows need a specific temperature to be at peak health. The temperature becomes too high on dairy farms, causing female cows to lose milk production and fertility. The human body uses homeostasis to maintain its temperature. We may jump in the…

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Newborn calf care of fresh cow and newborn

Newborn calf care of fresh cows Caring for a newborn calf and her mother are critical to the success and survival of both the mother and the calf.  When a cow is ready to give birth, it’s essential that someone be there to keep watch, checking on her often to monitor the progress and ensure everything is going well.  At times the cow or heifer may have complications during pregnancy,…

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Dairy Farmer Next Generation

Dairy Farmer, the success keys for the next generation Running a small dairy farm is a difficult career choice, and owning one can be a risky business.  It’s not a mystery as to why.  The long hours, the intense labor, and the small profit margins are driving the next generation farmer away. Increasingly, next-generation farmers are leaving the fields for other professions, hoping to find a better option than farming….

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Calf Health and Colostrum Management

Calf Health and Colostrum Management The Importance of Colostrum for Calf Health One of the most critical factors for calf health occurs in the first hours after birth: colostrum intake. Colostrum is the first milk a female mammal produces after birth. It is higher in nutrients, protein, and antibodies than regular milk. When a calf is born, it does not have any disease protection inherited from the mother; it must…

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Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies

Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies One of the key reasons Israeli’s dairy industry stands apart is its use of advanced dairy farming technologies. Advanced Dairy Herd Management technological advancements have become essential to the dairy industry worldwide, and Israeli companies are some of the global leaders in producing new technologies. This refined technology helps dairy farmers, both in Israel and elsewhere, to improve their cows’ and goats’ health, manage farms…

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Advantages of Parlor Milking System

Advantages of Parlor Milking System The modern dairy Parlor Milking System has vastly improved the strenuous milking activity. There is an undeniable intimacy to growing up on a small dairy farm when you are a child. The entire farm was our playground, there was no Parlor Milking System, the animals our friends, and our imaginations would run wild. When a child looks at a small farm, it may appear to…

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