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Dairy farm management is an essential topic for all dairy farm managers. Good management will ensure the best conditions for the cows and the working team. We have to consider the multiple factors that we have to take care of as dairy farm managers. The combination of good herd health, the best suitable feed for our cows and excellent milking procedures will give us vital management tools to manage our dairy herd.
What is the difference between a good and an average dairy farm? At the bottom line, it is the amount of milk produced, the quality, and the cost of production. Dairy managers must enhance their management skills to be successful in their dairy farms. Learn how to manage your dairy herd by attending our dairy herd management seminars.

Dairy farm management


Desafios do Rebanho de Vacas Leiteiras

Desafios do Rebanho de Vacas Leiteiras Israel tornou-se um líder mundial na indústria leiteira graças ao desenvolvimento de tecnologia agrícola inovadora e estratégias de gestão de grupos de vacas leiteiras. Uma das estratégias favoritas dos produtores de leite israelitas é o agrupamento de vacas. Isto é feito de acordo com as suas necessidades nutricionais para que os agricultores não acabem por desperdiçar alimentos. O que é o Agrupamento de Vacas?…

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How to Prevent Mastitis

How to prevent mastitis in dairy cows Mastitis in dairy cows is better to prevent and not to treat How to prevent mastitis in dairy cows involves a multi-faceted approach focusing on cleanliness, cow comfort, and proper milking procedures. Key strategies include: Maintaining a clean and dry environment for the cows. It is essential to sanitize the milking equipment before every use. Implementing a regular health monitoring system to identify…

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The Importance of Body Condition Scoring in Dairy Farming

The Importance of Body Condition Scoring in Dairy Farming Introduction to Body Condition Scoring In the dynamic world of dairy farming, the health and productivity of your herd are of utmost importance. One essential technique that aids farmers significantly in this area is Body Condition Scoring (BCS). This method is simple yet highly effective, offering a systematic approach to assess the fat reserves of dairy cows. As a result, it…

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Dairy Farm Management Training Program: Unlocking Success in Dairy Farming

Dairy Farm Management Training Program: Unlocking Success in Dairy Farming The Dairy Farm Management Training Program is a comprehensive initiative offered by the Israeli Dairy School. This program aims to equip dairy farmers and industry professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in managing dairy farms. Focusing on practical applications and innovative techniques, our program provides participants with a transformative learning experience that fosters sustainable and profitable…

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Dairy Herd Monitoring – learn from the best

Dairy Herd Monitoring. what does it mean? Professionals involved in dairy herd management carry a lot of numbers in their heads, such as feed prices, calf numbers, and milk production per cow. Data is central to dairy management, and we spend a lot of time thinking about it. Dairy herd monitoring is about making it much more efficient to collect all that data and ensure that it works for you….

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Summary of the Israeli Dairy School Zoom meeting

Back to Home Page Summary of the Israeli Dairy School Zoom meeting Israeli Dairy Industry and Seminar Highlights LEARN ABOUT OUR NEXT SEMINAR Learn about the Israeli dairy industry and information about our upcoming seminar in Israel. The Israeli Dairy Industry is word leading in cow production. Did you know that the average production per cow is more then 12000 literd a year? Dairy Farming Course designed especially for your…

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How to Start a Dairy Farm

How do I start a dairy farm? How much does it cost to build a modern dairy farm  If you’re thinking about starting a dairy farm, the process ahead may be daunting. Your question is how to start a dairy farm? Planning out the significant costs and requirements ahead of time is essential to help you budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises. The cost of building a modern dairy farm…

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Sustainable Dairy Farming the Israeli way

Sustainable Dairy Farming in Israel for profitable Indian dairy farm Sustainable Dairy Farming is an important factor in the dairy industry’s success. India and Israel gained their independence from the British around the same time. Today Both Nations have their glory. India today has about 520 Million cattle in the dairy sector while Israel has only 100,000 cows, so the question is what do we do in Israel that gives…

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Prepare Your Dairy Farm for the Summer in Five Steps

Prepare Your Dairy Farm for the Summer in 5 Steps  As summer approaches, the risk of heat stress rises for dairy cows. Here are our 5 Steps to Prepare Your Dairy Farm for the Summer. The ideal temperature range for cows is -4 to 21 degrees Celsius (25-70 degrees Fahrenheit); anytime the weather goes above this range, cows begin to overheat. Cows can cool themselves mainly through panting, but these…

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Working on the Dairy Farm

Working on the Dairy Farm Growing up Dairy: from a small family farm to a large dairy Co-op Working on a large dairy farm is much like working in any corporate setting. You may be outside, you may be working with animals, but when push comes to shove, it is a business like any other. You have to make sure the product you are producing is high quality while keeping…

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