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Cow Feeding is supplying good nutrition to our Dairy cows. Feeding suitable good feed formulation should provide the cow with all the nutrition needs at a competitive cost. So how do we do that? We use the best raw materials available in our area, and we must ensure that all nutrition need will supply. In the Israeli Dairy School, we teach how to create a good feeding formulation.

Proper dairy cattle nutrition is one of the essential elements of milk production. Feed costs for the herd represent 50%-60% of the total expense associated with the production of milk. Still, the type of nutrition offered profoundly affects the dairy cow’s production, profitability, and overall health.

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Cow Feeding

Wheat silage in Israel

Wheat silage is an essential feed source for livestock. Wheat silage and corn silage are the most common types of silage used for feeding cows for milk production in Israel. A dairy cow’s ration contains a significant amount of wheat silage as its primary roughage source. Since it is only produced once a year, its preparation must be of the highest quality. Making silage: Silage is made by acidifying vegetables…

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Silage trailer what is recommended for me?

Silage trailer, what is recommended for me? Which silage trailer would you recommend for me? This is a question we hear from dairy farmers around the world. A good, reliable one can serve the farm for many years. What is a good silage trailer? Silage trailers are agricultural trailers used to transport silage, a form of green forage which is chopped and stored in a way that preserves its nutritional…

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Prepare Your Dairy Farm for the Summer in Five Steps

Prepare Your Dairy Farm for the Summer in 5 Steps  As summer approaches, the risk of heat stress rises for dairy cows. Here are our 5 Steps to Prepare Your Dairy Farm for the Summer. The ideal temperature range for cows is -4 to 21 degrees Celsius (25-70 degrees Fahrenheit); anytime the weather goes above this range, cows begin to overheat. Cows can cool themselves mainly through panting, but these…

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Forage Management Key Factor in Dairy Feeding

Forage Management is one of the most important factors in cows feeding  As we all know, forage management is an important factor in maintaining high milk production and producing high-quality forage feed. Most experienced dairy farmers know that testing and managing forage quality is a year-long activity. Nevertheless, it leads to healthier cows and improved milk production. Fibre-rich foods are vital to ruminant nutrition. Fiber-rich foods are vital to ruminant…

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Calf Health and Colostrum Management

Calf Health and Colostrum Management The Importance of Colostrum for Calf Health One of the most critical factors for calf health occurs in the first hours after birth: colostrum intake. Colostrum is the first milk a female mammal produces after birth. It is higher in nutrients, protein, and antibodies than regular milk. When a calf is born, it does not have any disease protection inherited from the mother; it must…

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Forage Quality

Forage quality: Maximizing forage quality. Excellence in preservation. Phill Kaatz, Michigan state university extension Forage Quality during our seminar for American dairy farmers in Israel, we hold this important lecture. We are sharing it now. The lecture was given as part of the Israeli Dairy School seminar to American dairy farmers in Israel in January 2020. lecturer Mr. Phil Kaatz, Forage & Field Crops Educator Michigan State University Extension. Slides…

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Dairy Herd Nutrition Management by Dr. Ofer Kroll

Dairy Herd Nutrition Management   As a child, I had the good fortune to be able to ride the donkey, carrying two churns of milk to the milk collecting station. Today, computers controlling sophisticated electronics oversee the milking process. Everything has changed. The cow, which is the subject of this study, has been genetically improved, but basically, it is the same cow. There was a time when we produced milk…

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Feeding Strategy & Diet formulation for the Dairy Herd

Dairy Feeding strategy & Diet formulation for the Dairy Herd By Dr. Ofer Kroll The general approach in Israel Dairy feeding strategy is to maintain two feeding groups: one for early lactation and another for the rest of the milking cows. In family farms, the one-diet method is the most popular one. Ad-libitum feeding, mainly with TMR and minimal transfer of cows between groups is the preferred feeding method in…

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