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Consulting on Building new Milking Sheep or new Goat Farm

We will provide you with recommendations to get your farm running

Building new Milking Sheep or new Goat Farm

Planning to upgrade and build a new Goat Farm or Sheep farm, let us assist you

When you plan your new Goat Farm you have to know that operating a profitable milking Sheep farm or new Goats farm requires careful planning and management. To create optimal production, farmers must precisely manage the sheep’s nutrition, breeding, drying, and more. At the Israeli Dairy School, we have developed years of expertise in running successful farms. Our consulting service is here to share our expertise with you and help you to grow and improve your farm. Whether you are starting a new farm or looking to improve your current productivity, we can help you to create a management system and provide you with the detailed information you need to make informed decisions.

Before you start a sheep farm or Goat farm, we recommend that you have an expert assess your plan. As professional consultants, we can analyze your proposed project in order to provide detailed recommendations and to form a more complete picture of your project. We offer a Master Plan for your project, a service that is particularly helpful if you need some assistance coming up with the logistical details. With our master plan, we will examine the scope of your project based on your resources, the land, and the local market. We will then develop a plan, taking these factors into consideration, which will set your farm up for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our Master Plan is a thorough analysis that will provide you with recommendations to get your farm running. It also includes statistics and estimates to help you make informed business decisions.

Our New Goat Farm and Sheep Farm plan include the following:

  • Best milk production technology for Goats and Sheep
  • Plan the Sheep and Goats feed production methods
  • Recommended Goats and Sheep herd size
  • Strategies for maintenance of milk and meat quality
  • Milk and meat output estimations
  • Management structure and methods
  • Labour needs for running the Goat farm or the sheep farm
  • Outline of necessary staff expertise and technical knowledge
  • Appraisal of investment amount needed
  • An estimate of production costs
  • The estimate of annual revenue

Our Master Plan also includes a proposed layout design of your farm. This layout will be created on an accurate topographical map of your land. We will collect all the necessary information, including land layout and local climate, in order to create an ideal layout.

The layout will include the following:

  • Holding pens, barns, and sheds
  • Milking areas
  • Milk tanks
  • Feed center
  • Roads
  • Draining

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