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Nuffield International visit the Israeli Dairy School

Nuffield International visit the Israeli Dairy School The Israeli Dairy School recently had the great privilege to host a 3-day visit by a group of scholarship holders from the internationally acclaimed Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships. Nuffield Australia is a Non-profit Organization dedicated to improving all aspects of farming methods, by means of providing agricultural scholarships to a diverse cross-section of people involved in the agricultural industry. The delegation was led…

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Helping Small-scale Dairy Farmers to Improve their Productivity

Helping Small-scale Dairy Farmers to Improve their productivity Small-scale Dairy Farmers, welcome to the Israeli Dairy School, situated near Nazareth, Israel. You may be aware that Israel is widely acknowledged to be a world leader in the field of dairy farming technology. Israeli dairy herds consistently produce record yields of milk per animal. Our success is achieved through a combination of superior herd nutrition, excellent veterinary care, as well as…

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Everything you need to know about successful Sheep Dairy Farming

The Israeli Dairy Experience One Day Sheep  Dairy Farming Seminar for the BSDA The seminar held in at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, U.K. We are very happy to report that we have just concluded a most successful seminar on sheep farming and all aspects of small ruminant dairy farming. It was a part of the British Sheep Dairy Conference held in Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. Our seminar was held…

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Israeli Dairy Experience for the German IDF

Israeli Dairy Experience for German IDF  Most of you who are reading this “report-back” on the October visit by the IDA (German International Dairy Association) will be familiar with our informative and inspirational workshops for dairy farmers world-wide. However, for those of you who may be visiting our website for the first time, I will start with a brief re-cap. Israel is widely acknowledged to be a world leader in…

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Offering Custom Dairy Seminars and tours

Israeli Dairy School offering custom Dairy Seminars and tours Our Dairy School seminar is tailor-made to a group. Israeli Dairy school caters to groups of all sizes. Seminars are conducted in many languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Seminars are completely customizable, and the Israeli Dairy School works with group leaders to design a seminar that fits the group’s particular needs. Flexible time frame: The time for your visit…

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Dairy seminar for Kenyans in Israel

Good news! Dairy seminar for Kenyans in Israel Enjoy Dairy learning and visit the holy places. We are happy to announce that one very long-awaited and long overdue event finally came into being. We introduced Dairy seminar for Kenyans in Israel. In was officially announced that Kenya’s flag carrier – Kenya Airways will introduce direct flights from Kenya to Tel Aviv. This will help strengthen ties between Israel and Kenya,…

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Dairy Herd Nutrition Management by Dr. Ofer Kroll

Dairy Herd Nutrition Management   As a child, I had the good fortune to be able to ride the donkey, carrying two churns of milk to the milk collecting station. Today, computers controlling sophisticated electronics oversee the milking process. Everything has changed. The cow, which is the subject of this study, has been genetically improved, but basically, it is the same cow. There was a time when we produced milk…

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Feeding Strategy & Diet formulation for the Dairy Herd

Dairy Feeding strategy & Diet formulation for the Dairy Herd by Dr. Ofer Kroll The general approach in Israel Dairy feeding strategy is to maintain two feeding groups: one for early lactation and another for the rest of the milking cows. In family farms, the one-diet method is the most popular one. Ad-libitum feeding, mainly with TMR and minimal transfer of cows between groups is the preferred feeding method in…

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