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Working on the Dairy Farm

Working on the Dairy Farm, growing up Dairy: from the small family farm to large dairy Co-op Working on a large dairy farm is much like working in any corporate setting. You may be outside, you may be working with animals, but when push comes to shove, it is a business like any other. You have to make sure the product you are producing is high quality while keeping costs…

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The Lowest Dairy in the World is in Israel

The Lowest Dairy in the world is located along the Dead Sea Did you know? The Lowest World dairy farm is the dairy in Kibbutz Kalia in Israel. The farm location is on the northern shore of the famous Dead Sea. The Dairy farm is 423 meters (-423) below sea level! It has many implications. The climate in Kalia dairy is one of the most extremely difficult in Israel. The summer temperatures…

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The Israeli Dairy Industry the Highest Milk Production in the World

Information about The Israeli Dairy Industry Did you know that Israeli cows have the highest milk production in the world? The average milk yield per Israeli cow is more than 12,000 kg, according to the Israeli Dairy Board, more than what cows are producing anywhere else in the world. This is all in spite of Israel’s unfavorable conditions including heat, humidity, and restricted resources. This remarkable accomplishment is the result…

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Raising Replacement Heifers Practical Tips

Raising Replacement Heifers Raising replacement heifers is one of the most significant costs in managing a dairy farm, but it’s also one of the most important investments in the future of your herd. Taking the time and resources to raise new heifers to be healthy from a young age will pay off in happier cows, higher fertility, better milk production, and lower costs in illness and injury. The following guidelines…

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Israeli Dairy Industry Facts and Figures

Israeli Dairy Industry – facts and figures Despite unfavorable conditions, including heat, humidity, and limited resources, average milk production per cow in the Israeli dairy industry increased dramatically since the 1950’s, soaring from 4,000 kg annually to more than 12,000 kg in 2023. Israel’s dairy industry is considered one of the most advanced in the world.  Now, the total milk production in Israel is about 1.6 Billion Liters/year. Advanced technologies including…

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Keeping Your Cows Cool and Comfortable

Keeping Cows Cool and Comfortable What is best for the cow? When things get hot, we find ways to cool down.  We fire up air conditioners, get wet, or get the air moving with fans.  Our animals are no different.  They feel the heat, and they want a break from it as well. It’s a proven fact that milk production goes down when cows overheat.  There are a few different…

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Holy Cow! Join Dairy Seminars and Tours

Holy Cow! Dairy Seminars and Tours Combining work and pleasure??  Only in Dairy seminars and tours If you’re interested in learning more about the dairy industry and how Israeli cows produce 12,000 Kg of milk per year, the Israeli Dairy School offer you the best of both worlds.  In their field experts offering advanced training and seminars while combining it with tours of the most famous places in Israel. Seminars…

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Grouping Dairy Cows The Israeli Way

Grouping dairy cows in the Israeli Way Israel has become a worldwide leader in the dairy industry by developing innovative farm technology and dairy herd management strategies. One of the favourite strategies of Israeli dairy farmers is grouping dairy cows. This is a tactic that groups cows by their nutrition needs for the best of the cows, and the farmers don’t end up wasting feed. What is cow grouping? A…

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Goat Farming in Israel modern and traditional farming

Goat Farming in Israel: modern and traditional farming side by side Langer Ofier The Israeli Dairy School Since Bible time, goats have been very common in Israel; they moved from one area to another during the year. Goats were a common source of milk, meat, and fabrics. A large flock of sheep and goats was a sign of wealth. Today the goat dairy industry in Israel is a dynamic and…

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Forage Management Key Factor in Dairy Feeding

Forage Management is one of the most important factors in cows feeding  As we all know, forage management is an important factor in maintaining high milk production and producing high-quality forage feed. Most experienced dairy farmers know that testing and managing forage quality is a year-long activity. Nevertheless, it leads to healthier cows and improved milk production. Fibre-rich foods are vital to ruminant nutrition. Fiber-rich foods are vital to ruminant…

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