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Dairy Farmer Next Generation

Dairy Farmer, the success keys for the next generation Running a small dairy farm is a difficult career choice, and owning one can be a risky business.  It’s not a mystery as to why.  The long hours, the intense labor, and small profit margins are driving the next generation farmer away from the fields and into other professions in hopes of finding a better option. Owning a farm, tending the…

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Calf Health and Colostrum Management

Calf Health and Colostrum Management The Importance of Colostrum for Calf health One of the most critical factors for calf health occurs in the first hours after birth: colostrum intake. Colostrum is the first milk a female mammal produces after birth. It is higher in nutrients, protein, and antibodies than regular milk. When a calf is born, it does not have any disease protection inherited from the mother; it must…

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Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies

Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies One of the key reasons Israeli’s dairy industry stands apart is its use of advanced dairy farming technologies. Advanced Dairy Herd Management technological advancements have become essential to the dairy industry worldwide, and Israeli companies are some of the global leaders in producing new technologies. This refined technology helps dairy farmers, both in Israel and elsewhere, to improve their cows’ and goats’ health, manage farms…

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Advantages of Parlor Milking System

Advantages of Parlor Milking System The modern dairy Parlor Milking System has vastly improved the strenuous activity of milking. There is an undeniable intimacy to growing up on a small dairy farm when you are a child. The entire farm was our playground, there was no Parlor Milking System, the animals our friends, and our imaginations would run wild. Through a child’s eye, a small farm can seem like the perfect…

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Dairy farming in Israel: 100 Years of Innovation

Dairy farming in Israel: 100 Years of Innovation Israeli is a global leader in the dairy industry, dairy farming in Israel is a central part of Israel’s agriculture throughout the nation’s history. The success of dairy farming in Israel is due to the hard work and innovation of dairy farmers, who have achieved impressive milestones in improving milk production and optimizing cow and sheep breeds. In recent years, technological advancements…

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Amazing Facts about the Israel dairy

Israel dairy is the Lowest Dairy in the world, located along the Dead Sea Israel dairy farm in Kibbutz Kalia, on the northern shore of the Dead Sea, is the lowest dairy on earth! The climate in Kalia dairy is one of the most extremely difficult in Israel. The summer temperatures there are 47 O C in the shade and can reach 51 OC (not in the shade). In order…

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Top Universities for Dairy Sciences Study

Top Universities for Dairy Sciences Study Many top dairy farmers learn their trade through knowledge passed down within their families. Today, there are top universities around the world offering excellent Dairy Sciences and dairy management programs. The program is suitable either for current dairy farmers looking to develop cutting-edge skills or for people new to the dairy industry. These programs excel at training top farmers, farm tech developers, and leaders…

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Forage quality

Forage quality: Maximizing forage quality. Excellence in preservation. Phill Kaatz, Michigan state university extension Forage Quality during our seminar we hold for American dairy farmers in Israel we hold this important lecture. We are sharing it now. The lecture was given as part of the Israeli Dairy School seminar to American dairy farmers in Israel January 2020. lecturer Mr. Phil Kaatz, Forage & Field Crops Educator Michigan State University Extension….

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Improving Dairy Herd Management between Israel and Taiwan

Improving Dairy Herd Management between Israel and Taiwan We love our summer seminars for the chance to share dairy herd management strategies and to build connections with dairy farmers all over the world. This summer we hosted a particularly special seminar with a group of 23 young farmers from Taiwan. These young men and women are all second-generation Dairy Farmers, who have already learned a lot about the industry from…

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