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Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies

Advanced Dairy Herd Management Technologies

One of the key reasons Israeli’s dairy industry stands apart is its use of advanced dairy farming technologies.

Advanced Dairy Herd Management technological advancements have become essential to the dairy industry worldwide, and Israeli companies are some of the global leaders in producing new technologies. This refined technology helps dairy farmers, both in Israel and elsewhere, to improve their cows’ and goats’ health, manage farms more effectively, enhance productivity, monitor milk quality, and supervise breeding. All of these techniques have made Israeli dairy cows the most productive in the world, in spite of a hot and largely inhospitable climate. Below, you’ll find an overview of the most important Israeli dairy farming techniques.


Pedometers may sound familiar as the electronic tools health-conscious humans use to monitor their athletic activity. They work similarly for cows. Attached to the cow’s leg or collar, pedometers track a cow’s body heat and walking activity. This information helps to monitor the cow’s health, and most importantly, it helps to determine exactly when a cow is going into estrus or heat. This is essential for increasing pregnancy rates while keeping the cost of breeding low.

Milk Meter

Milk meters measure the amount of milk as it is being milked with a high level of accuracy. This enables Israeli dairy farmers to closely monitor milk yield per each cow or goat, an essential step for managing productivity effectively.

Milk Analyzer

Sometimes built right into milk meters, milk analyzes milk for quality and potential health problems in the stock. Analyzers can detect changes in milk production and sense the warning signs of health issues such as ketosis, mastitis, ruminal acidosis, and nutrition deficiencies. This information makes it possible for dairy farmers to identify and correct health problems early.

Herd Management Software

Herd management software compiles data from all dairy farm sensors, including information on fertility, milk production, feeding, and health. It analyzes this information and presents it in an accessible format that helps dairy farmers make decisions to improve dairy performance, productivity, health, and fertility.

Feed Management

To improve health and productivity, it’s best to feed each cow an individualized diet. Feed management software calculates feed amounts and supplementation needs based on yield, milk quality, and body weight.  This makes it much easier for farmers to manage customized feed and improve production.

Cow Separation

Cow separation technology cuts down on herd management time by sorting and separating out cows that need individual treatment such as breeding, vaccinations, and other healthcare.

Walk-Over Weighing System

Another advanced dairy farm technology is automated scales. These scales weigh cows as they walk over, so farmers don’t need to spend time corralling cows into specialized scales. The weight systems also track weight gain or loss to help monitor health and plan breeding.

Air Movement

Maintaining a cool and comfortable environment is essential for cows’ health and production. Air movement technology including fans, sprinklers, and ventilation prevent heat stress and keep farm air cool and dry.

In summary, Israeli dairy farmers love technology as it enables them to keep their herds healthy and productive, staying at the cutting edge of the dairy industry. A number of Israeli companies such as ENGS Systems, SCR Dairy, and Afimilk produce innovative technologies, and Israeli dairy farmers implement these solutions to create some of the most advanced dairy farms in the world.

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