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About the Israeli Dairy School

Israeli Dairy School: Leaders in Dairy Education and Training

At the Israeli Dairy School, we provide top-tier education and training in dairy farming. Our programs are crafted to support new learners,seasoned professionals, and dairy companies wishing to enhance their skills in modern dairy practices.

Israel Dairy School serves as an international dairy education center and knowledge source since 2010. Israeli Dairy School team shares experience in various Dairy fields and draws upon cutting-edge technology. Our dairy farming solutions are specifically designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of international dairy farms. Based on the internationally recognized success of Israel’s dairy industry, the Israeli Dairy School seminar program is highly respected internationally.

Our seminars:

Our customized Dairy Herd Management courses are designed for groups and are tailored to the needs of dairy farmers and professionals.
The Dairy farm management training program is a unique experience. The learning adventure combines an intensive educational program for dairy professionals with sightseeing tours to some of Israel’s most recognizable religious and historical sites.

Dairy Herd Management Seminar in Israel

What our customers saying

During the years we hold many seminars, see what the participants have to say about their experience: “The Israeli Dairy School was a thoroughly enjoyable and profitable experience. Each day was new, with well-planned experiences. The visits to Biblical sites and ancient settings gave me new perspectives and understanding. I highly recommend this to anyone serious about dairy and serious about understanding Israel. It was a lifetime opportunity!“

Phil Durst Michigan State University Extension

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Meet the Team at the Israeli Dairy School

Ofier Langer Manager of the Israeli Dairy SchoolOfier Langer 

Ofier Langer owns the Israeli Dairy School. He’s an experienced dairy herd management specialist. He’s also an accomplished animal nutritionist. He graduated in Animal Husbandry from Jerusalem University. His passion for dairy farming shaped his career.

The Israeli Dairy School has achieved great success. Mr. Langer and his team lead the way. They offer tailored seminars and hands-on training. They also organize visits to top Israeli dairy farms. Many farmers and professionals have learned from them. They teach innovative agricultural techniques. They cover topics from nutrition to ruminant farming. People recognize their practical insights. The school offers networking and cultural tours. These enrich the learning experience. The school is committed to excellence and innovation. It nurtures future dairy farming leaders. It reflects Israel’s pioneering spirit.

Mr. Langer was Vice President of Afimilk for 5 years. It’s a leading Israeli dairy herd management company. His leadership helped Afimilk succeed. He played a key role in a big project in Vietnam. He helped establish a dairy farm with 30,000 cows. It’s the largest project of its kind in the world. It produces 300 million liters of milk annually.

Mr. Langer leads a team at the Israeli Dairy School. The team at the Israeli Dairy School knows a lot about taking care of cows and managing dairy farms. They teach new farmers how to do their job well. They use easy-to-understand lessons and hands-on practice. The team mixes old farming wisdom with new ideas. They want to help new farmers get better at what they do. They welcome you to learn about Israel’s farming ways, meet other farmers, and enjoy the spirit of farming in Israel.

Our Team

The Israeli Dairy School Team is a dynamic group of experts with international experience. Led by Mr. Langer, this team of about 50 professionals is the best in the field of dairy farming. They have deep knowledge in Herd Nutrition, Small Ruminant Farming Methods, and Dairy Farm Management, and they’ve worked all over the world.

Our experts come together to create hands-on training, seminars, and farm visits that help new farmers learn the practical skills they need. They share their knowledge and experience, giving farmers the tools they need to succeed, not just in Israel but on a global scale.

What makes the team at the Israeli Dairy School stand out is their passion for helping others. They’re committed to seeing new farmers grow and succeed. They believe in teamwork, support, and learning from the best.

So if you want to learn about dairy farming from dynamic experts with international experience, come join us at the Israeli Dairy School. You’ll be learning from the top minds in the field, and you’ll be part of a community that’s all about innovation, excellence, and collaboration. It’s an inspiring place to be, right in the heart of Israel’s pioneering farming community.

Israeli Dairy School training session

Each member of our dairy farm training team has a great deal of experience in dairy farming in Israel as well as having had considerable exposure to international dairy farming practices.

Our team consists of leading experts in various fields.

    • Dairy farm management
    • Dairy nutritionists
    • Dairy udder health
    • Dairy reproduction and fertility
    • Small Ruminants, Sheep and Goats experts
    • Dairy veterinarians and animal health
    • Dairy planning and design
    • Dairy project development
    • Dairy training

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