Herd Management

Dairy Farming Seminar

All about Israeli Dairy Farming. Summer Seminar 25-29 June 2017

Israeli Dairy School Dairy Farming Seminar is an interactive training program carefully designed to educate participants on the recent developments in Israel dairy farming and management. Join us for our next Dairy Management seminar in Israel. This seminar is open for Dairy professionals

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Advanced Dairy

And Dairy Herd Nutrition Seminar

Advanced Dairy Seminar with emphasis on Dairy nutrition

In collaboration with the most professional experts in this field, the Israeli Dairy School Advanced Dairy and Nutrition Seminar covers various aspects of dairy cow nutrition, feeding, and dairy feeding management to dramatically increase milk production, health and fertility for both lactating and dry cows.

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Sheep and Goats

Milking Sheep and Goats Seminar

Milking Sheep and Goats Management 16-19 July 2017

The seminar will introduce you to the milking Goats & milking Sheep sector in Israel. Learn about Intensive and semi-intensive Sheep farming and Goats farming. How to improve Goat or Sheep herd. Get management tools for managing your herd, nutrition management and more.

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Learn how to improve your Dairy herd !

Join us for Dairy farm management seminars in Israel and learn all about successful Israel Dairy Farming. for Next Seminar details contact us

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Dairy Herd Nutrition Management E book

Get your E book free copy today

Dairy Herd Nutrition Management book 110 pages by Dr. Ofer Kroll based on many years of experience in the Israel Dairy industry

Ofer Kroll Senior Dairy Nutritionist, was a member of Dairy School team. Now you can get your free book: “Dairy Herd Nutrition Management”. The book is in a digital format.

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Boost Your Dairy’s Bottom Line With A Edu-Vacation at the Israeli Dairy School.

Now available also for small groups, contact us for details.


Welcome to the Israeli Dairy School, located in the heart of the world’s most productive dairy farms.

Did you know the Israeli Dairy cow holds the world record for milk production and milk quality? Consider: There are 954 dairy farms in Israel – and each average a world leading 11,775 liters (2,590 imp gal and 3,111 US gal) per cow, per year. But what about quality? A respectable 3.73% average protein and 3.32% average fat.

During your visit, you will learn the innovative techniques driving our world-class dairy production and quality. Led by the most sought-after experts in the Israeli dairy industry, you’ll tour local farms and explore all aspects of milk production.

We will immerse you in the techniques, strategies, and technology that has catapulted the Israeli dairy industry to such high levels of milk production and quality. As the dairy industry evolves to meet the growing global demand, it is crucial for farmers to keep up with emerging trends.

But it’s not all about business! While you are learning to increase your bottom line, you will also embark on scenic tours throughout our historic and stunning countryside.

Led by the Israeli’s top licensed professional tour guides, guests are also treated to unforgettable tours of Israel’s historic and religious sites. The Israeli Dairy School provides a unique opportunity for the culmination of Israel dairy education and travel in a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Don’t have time to visit? Let us come to you. We offer on-site consulting worldwide that will improve your milk production, milk quality, and your bottom line.

There is no better way to enjoy the ultimate Israeli experience, the best from the land of milk and honey.

You will get the best guidance to the Israeli dairy and culture.

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Looking to grow your Dairy Farm or to start a new Dairy Farm?

Let us be your Trusted Dairy Adviser: from dairy, Goats and Sheep farming feasibility study of up to dairy farm Turn-Key project. We will supply you with all your dairy farming, Goats or Sheep projects needs.
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"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience that I have spent this week in Israel, the merit is yours; I believe that if you can improve some aspects of the course, your school will become an international reference for all dairy farmers"

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